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Re: Brockman isle's docks

Postby that_darn_elf » Mon Dec 28, 2009 7:16 pm

A few days later, after much hard thought, as passengars board one of the ships bound for the mainland, a well cloaked shadow elf is seen among them.

Dreith has misgivings at leaving the island, but plans to travel incognito for her trip the mainland. She has a feeling... theres something she needs to do.
(Elwing: an unusually fluffy High Elf ranger)
(Dreith: the shadow elf ex-slaver)
(Vaerya: half Everni, half high elf, ranger)
(Brandir Ruby: an insane fire elf)
(Seven: a well intentioned fleabrain)
(Elena: A Grammaton Cleric)

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