Dreth’Kar Return to the land of the living.

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Dreth’Kar Return to the land of the living.

Postby Chee » Wed Mar 09, 2011 12:16 am

It is a sunny day and the city of Ingolé is enjoying the warm breeze of the first truly nice weather since the winter months. Behind the walls of the university the students come and go as the young and old alike take advantage of the warm day. Just outside, a grey shirakan garbed in simple grey robes unhurriedly approaches the gates of the University. The rhythmic tap of his shamans walking stick echoing off the tall stone walls of the building before him. Looking at the brass name plate shining in the light of the sunny day, a little smile creeps across the lizards face as he reads.

Kar Memorial University for the Study of Arcane Arts

The lizard gives a quiet chuckle and muses to himself.
My goodness, she did it. Who indeed would have thought it, I must say Im impressed. Such a fine building with so many students already. Im sure Yashmanar is proud.

The lizards eyes narrow and he looks at the wall. His scaly eyebrows raising as he appears to be seeing more than just the bricks and mortar.
Interesting...That’s a lot of magic to be in a brick wall... I wonder what they’ve been up to here.


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Re: Dreth’Kar Return to the land of the living.

Postby Niamh » Wed Mar 09, 2011 8:28 pm

Stuck between a stand-off between some arcane sendings and an irate student, Kel looks through the open main doors of the university to see a strangely familiar figure standing outside. Unwilling to believe her eyes, she leaves the others to it to investigate further. As she approaches and recognises the Shirakan, she breaks into a run, wincing at the bright sunlight.
Kar! You-you're here! I'm glad you're back, I mean you are back, aren't you? This isn't some froopy spell you've found in the Hopewastes or borrowed time or...an...agreement with Kann'Slar or anything, is it? You're properly back?

Um...this is my...our...university. What do you think?
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