Looking for friends

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Looking for friends

Postby BlueTressym » Mon Apr 11, 2011 10:26 pm

A feline beastkin is walking through Ingolé, a comparatively unusual sight even in such a large city. Her silver-grey fur has black markings, and she is dressed in forest colours and carrying a sword that looks as if it has been crafted from bone rather than metal. Her hair, somewhat bizarrely, seems to be a bright shade of blue

Kendra really isn't keen on this place, there are just SO many people, and her keen sense of smell is getting confused with so much to take in. However, she knows that her best chance of finding her friends is to look somewhere there are lots of people, so she has braved the unknown, hoping someone in the mass of beings here will know where Reith is, or Alvar/Derwent, or Dreth'Kar, or Galatine. She is quite sure that Haze will NOT be here, knowing that she would not willingly set foot in such a place.

Kendra wonders who would be the likeliest person to know. Uncertain, she decides to ask people about weapon-makers; if Reith is here, maybe he has set up a place to make weapons, as he did in the Hopewastes

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