Outside the Healing Center

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Outside the Healing Center

Postby Blue mage » Wed Mar 02, 2011 4:53 pm

Outside the Healing Center, at the side of the building, a young man is gathering bodies. The bodies are of varying races and each seemed to give a slight inclination (some more obvious than others) as to how the person died. Each body is carefully arranged in a respectful way, legs together, arms placed on their chests, peacefully enough. Those lacking arms or legs are arranged differently, those lacking a leg and placed as normal, the leg placed back to its orginal place, though obviously unattached. Those without arms have the arm placed along side them in a manner that the man hoped was not offensive.

Each body had been placed down, then sticks and elaves placed beneath each in a natural carpet, and the bodies covered with sheets from within the place of healing that he had scrounged. He was not done yet, but it would at least keep things cleaner, and keep a mass of insects and flies from reaching the bodies. There were still some of the wretched creatures, but such a thing was to be expected. Kira hoped the smell of healing magic that clung to the entire place had worked itself into the sheets enough to keep the worst away.

While some corpses were worse damamged than others, Kira paid special care to make certain the bodies were treated with great respect. Keeping every bit of the bodies together, and covering the worst of the damage covered as not to unpset those still alive, as well as make a silent plea to the dead souls to be calm knowing their bodies were not to be desecrated beyond the terrible way in which each was murdered.

When he had taken out the most he could find, and arranged each on an individual pyre of leaves and sticks, covering each, he got his hands on some water and a clean rag, and began cleaning the blood from the dead, as much as he could. It was hard to stomach holding the water at the moment, and the urge to drop the rag and burn the bodies, setting them free, was great. But he steeled himself to the task, holding his disgust at the water within him. It was only temporary, he could do it.

Lady Hope, Why can I never find the words to console such grief as those left behind now feel? Always, I am too scared to speak out, or cannot find the right words to offer consolation. Yet still, if I cannot speak well enough, for you or for them, then I pray only my actions can do that which my words cannot. See now, how I shall care for these poor souls in my own way, and pray for their rest, going to their Gods, or to you, if no other may accept them. At least, in your care, they will forever be safe from such things ever again...

It took him a great deal of time to clean up the most blood he could. Most had died, yet still he worked on the bodies, and healed the wounds on the body with the magic he could use, to make the wounds less offensive and raw to the world. There was little he could do there, but at least it was something...
Done with the bodies for the time being, Kira sat before the pyres and put his hands together, closing his eyes, half meditating, half praying. Finally, words came from him;

Lady Hope, I implore you now, to watch over the souls of these dead. Killed in a manner that will forever scar this place and its people, they rest now, held in the arms of their Gods. Let none go to the Hopewastes, may none go to waste, my Lady, save them from further horrors that they expereinced in their final moments of life, I beseech thee. Their bodies now lay, waiting for the fires to cleanse them from the earth, never to be risen as creatures of undeath, never to fall to Despair's minions of Undeath, yet what of their souls? Some, if not all, must have felt terror and fear at their deaths, these form the way to Despair. Please, do not let them go down that path now, take them back, give them a light, and guide them away from Him. Let them rest with you, in peace, and protected from such malice forever. Lady Hope, I beg of you, please, hear my prayer to you. Never have I wanted something so much of you, never have I spent so much time pleading, as a child to his mother, as a friend to another, as a servant to his Lady. Will you not hear me now, and grant me this boon? My Lady...hear me. Hear this prayer.
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