The Phoenix Guard

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The Phoenix Guard

Postby Ben » Mon Aug 08, 2011 8:30 pm

Around a darkened building, twenty or so figures stood. The tension in the air was almost tangible as they watched, waiting. They’d done this half a dozen time now, at least some of them had: there had been nine fatalities since the group’s inception less than a week ago.

The instructions were simple: hunt the Wood Elf. Calm the Light Elf. Duel the Serkanian. Banish the possessed. Dispel the warrior. Stop the werewolf from being able to cast. Oh…and keep out of Simon’s way. However, no matter how simple the instructions and how well trained the group, the appearance of the spirits was slightly different each night and with the unexpected came danger.

V looked down up at the sky, from the dying light on the horizon it must be nearly halfway between the eighth and ninth hour. As if on cue, the sounds of screaming began. Time to shine.

Two hours later and thirteen stood within the courtyard, all was over…at least until the next night. V looked around at the survivors then down at the fallen. No one wanted to say it but Simon was getting more powerful as time passed.

V muttered to one of the other survivors:

“Send a message to the Phoenix. Message reads: we can’t keep doing this.”
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