Search and Destroy

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Search and Destroy

Postby Phil.Priest » Thu Aug 11, 2011 11:00 am

In the days following the prophesised 'End of the World’ those with a penchant for magic could feel large amounts of teleportation magic being used from within the new location of The Font of Knowledge and Power. Not unusual to sense magic from a guild of magic users, however teleportation in the new world?

After the Essence Bearers had been given the option of remaining within Dvarni or going to the safe haven of their choice D’arvan had made several trips to out laying cities, townships and villages. Some times he came back with people just on the edge of life, more often than not he came back with foodstuffs and other required equipment.

Fire wood, clothing and blankets, well preserved foods and wines, weapons and armour; all of this would be stored and distributed at Erathil’s command. Kept for Dvarni or shared at Erathil’s command.

Of course the day to day things were not all that had been collected. Magical wards had begun failing throughout the civilised world, books and scrolls had been retrieved on magical theory, theology, world histories and much more. The library was abound with knowledge on so many things, some of which were unknown until now.

No one knew what other things had been retrieved, people could only imagine what was located within the cities of Varya and Sanga… although going into Sanga when the Order of the Pure Heart were able to survive the Glooms was probably not a wise idea.

With the vaults of knowledge now available to them a way to ward the Manor House of the Guide would be sought. Several options were apparent almost immediately
- Wards surrounding the Manor House and ritually powered foci used to keep the wards in place.
- Moving the door of the house to a distant location. The Frozen North maybe or the lone mountain.

The only other option was to gather allies, especially those who had witnessed Morita’s Realm and Simon’s nightmares… but that would take time.

Moving the focus of the house to another location was perhaps the easiest option to try immediately. Gathering six people to complete the relocation would be simple as would their return to Dvarni… a temporary measure, but one that would allow time to execute a suitable plan to destroy the Realm of Torment.
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