Searching for D'Arvan

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Searching for D'Arvan

Postby Stevie » Sat Sep 03, 2011 12:46 pm

It was night when it happened, a flash of light, small at first but slowly becoming larger and brighter until a man popped into being. He appeared to be in mid-fall at the time of his relocation and landed with a thump in the dirt. He winced in pain as large pools of red stained his back and dripped down to the floor. He rummaged around in his pack, drawing out two small bottles, whilst securing the small metal ship he was clutching in his hand previously. One bottle went down his throat, and he scrunched his face hard as he swallowed the curious looking liquid. Not intending to swallow another mouthful he opened the stopper on the second bottle, soaked a cloth in it's liquid and shoved it around the back of his armor, towards the spot of his leaking blood.

Several people had by this point gathered around, watching this spectacle. Teemo turned looking at them, searching for someone whose mouth wasn't gaping outward quite so much as to infer stupidity. After finding an elderly gentleman who looked more intrigued than constipated he took this as a good signal and moved over to him.

"I'm looking for Darvan, or Dravan or Derven.. I can't quite remember, where is he?"

The old man turned and pointed to a large building near the center of the dome.

"Why.. in the font most likely. It's also D'Arvan, wouldn't do well to forget his name now, would it?"

"Right.. thanks."

He turned and began a slow jog towards the building, still leaving a trial of blood spots behind him. The old gentleman watched him go, shouting after him

"A Rava for the trouble surely? Time was people respected their elders!"

Teemo turned on the spot, still in motion fumbling around in his pockets, he produced a small blue crystal like object and flung it towards the old mans direction, turning back to run before even looking where it went. From the distance he heard a brief "Ow." and the sound of a body falling to the ground, followed by some brief screams of panic and a hurl of insults following him. He quickened his pace.

"Not my day... not my day. He'll be ok.. I didn't throw it that hard.."

A short while later Teemo approached the outbuilding of the font, walking slowly towards it's entrance taking in the sight.

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