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Planes Linked to Valmaneth wrote:Empty space, a region in the planes of existence in which (virtually) nothing exists.

For most, travel to the void is not something done voluntarily, although there are a number of spells which forcibly take a victim there for a time.

Prolonged exposure to the Void can cause madness (or death) due to the sheer nothingness in the place. It is easy to start losing a sense of self, and it is notoriously difficult to keep track of time there.
There are rumoured to be pockets of existence within the Void, where powerful entities have managed to transport small pockets of reality into the void - usually for the purposes of hiding.

Although largely empty, any presence within the void seems to attract the attention of creatures that either live there or can travel there (it's unclear which of these it is as it is difficult to understand how any creature can exist in nothingness). These creatures tend to feed on life-force or warmth, just adding another reason not to visit the void casually!

Historically some powerful entities or deities have been able to manipulate the void to a greater extent, establishing a foothold there and manipulating the power there against the inhabitants of Valmaneth, no major threat has emerged from the Void for some time.

The research he had found was slim to none on what was within the Void, the most extensive passage he had found simply stated that only powerful entities ever used the Void as their home... surely going there to try and acquire Rift was foolish.

Foolish enough to entice his own curiosity in seeing the place and using the chance to see how things lived (or just existed) within nothingness, a foothold of their own could be quite beneficial.

Several days spent travelling around Valmaneth to acquire appropriate ritual tools and reagents met with excellent results... why wouldn’t they when he was trading with preserved foods from his initial movements or simply taking things from uninhabited places.

His personal Ritual Chamber was well warded, the outer chamber equally so with assigned guards. This ritual would create an active component within the chamber that could not be disturbed.

A hundred candles surrounded the room at its centre a white circle with a black pentacle. The northern point contained gemstones relating to the Absolute Elements with exception to Shadow and reached toward an altar dedicated to the elves Lord, King and Magic.
Each of the other foci points held one large Gemstone each, each one relating to a Classical Element.

At the middle of the circle an elf robed in grey stood facing the altar, his magic flowed as the circle opened. He bows before the altar with his hands open in supplication.

“My Lord, My King and My Lord of Magic I stand here empowering this ritual to aid a potential retreat from the Void. Deities of Mine hear me.

The world stands plagued by the Gloom,
Our allies gather and seek their Doom.

Into the Void the Heroes travel,
The way home I seek to unravel.

These offerings are given to assist my plea,
This Ritual be powered by my decree,

This ritual empowered with magic to use,
For its duration magics of Contingency and Teleportation I willingly loose.

Lords of Mine hear me now, those so marked by the Font be returned from the Void by my call of ‘The Font, Return’.”

Every soul ritually marked as a member of the Font of Knowledge and Power feels the mark turn a freezing cold and the room darkens and the light fades, once complete the elf leaves the room and ensures the wards are solidly in place, all he can do now is put faith in his magic... which had never let him down.
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