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Postby Phil.Priest » Mon Sep 26, 2011 3:56 pm

D'arvan stands in the Font before a statue of a human peasant-champion, one of the fabled 'Heroes of Serke Kemi', his petrified form being completely reformed after his death and subsequent quartering (hexing? sixing?), and a further death at the hands of "Risk's Serendipitous Cards".

Twenty four hours had passed, the influence of the cards over his mind should now be gone. He did promise that once the time was up he would remove the petrification... what the peasant-champion would do then he didn't know, probably try and find Quayle to argue with.

Just to ensure that the peasant wouldn't cause too much trouble here he quickly casts a spell and removes him from Dvarni to Ingolé. Once the statue had reached its destination another lenthy incantation and the High Elf's image appears next to the petrified form.

A dispel goes off and the earthen magic covering the Goodman cracks and crumbles,the dust carried away on the wind. Before the human can begin shouting he speaks, "It was deemed for the best, you managed to kill several people and the cards were effecting your mind far too much. I agreed to the state you were kept in temporarily and barely more than a day has gone since.

On the good side, Quayle drew a card and one of those you wished restored is now amoung the living again."

The image of the Sorcerer remains and waits for any kind of reaction from the now unpetrified human...
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