The Font

For In Character events within the Elven Heartlands

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The Font

Postby Ben » Tue Nov 22, 2011 3:15 pm

**A scroll appears within the font, it is sealed in wax with a Q**

I hope this reaches you.

Flash is safer than he was: Squits is dead.

I believe one who was loyal to you is also dead, a mistborn called Pebble.

The Fey realm is now protected by a ritual binding a small piece of rift edge with the power of the body granted by the Fey Lady Mercy, the power of magic from the Fey Lord Desire, the power of Strength from the Fey of the same name along with the hounds of the Midari. Oh...and the Fey Lord Pride has been handed over to Silver in order to bless this ritual.

Jin'ro tried to stop the ritual so has been dealt with.

"And unconscious people always count as willing"

Tome of Magic 6.0

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