WANTED: ANURION (Aliases: Bowboy, Arrowguy, Bowzie)

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WANTED: ANURION (Aliases: Bowboy, Arrowguy, Bowzie)

Postby Stevie » Sun Dec 18, 2011 7:20 pm

**A notice containing some text and an accompanying picture begins to circulate around several well traveled places with the Heartlands bubble**

Following the brutal and devastating murder of Philoctetes Trainer of Heroes, The Order of the Pure Heart are offering a reward of 40 Rava for the live capture of Anurion, he is known to be a wood elf around 6ft in height and with long blond hair that extends to beneath the shoulder. He will likely be armed with a bow and arrow and should be considered both dangerous and extremely murderous.


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Re: WANTED: ANURION (Aliases: Bowboy, Arrowguy, Bowzie)

Postby Erynion » Sun Dec 18, 2011 7:42 pm

Erynion was walking through Ingolé with Prince Lenton after killing Philoctets and he sees a poster on the side of a building with his picture on.

Huh, can't even spell my name right, and 40 rava, should have killed them all and got my price up. They deserved it, if it wasn't for them Sir Katy would still be alive.
Erynion - Possessed wood elf - Dead again
Quinn - The jester - Dead
Anthony Landon - How much you paying?
Chase - The hunter - only nice character I seem to have :)

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