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Research for Another Ritual

Posted: Thu Dec 22, 2011 1:51 am
by Phil.Priest

The events after the sundering of the world had been most tiring. The High King had the one elf that could go anywhere in the world unhindered by the Glooms at his disposal and so he found himself travelling the globe more often than not. Mostly alone, sometimes not.

Many objects had been recovered, some that many would have deemed valuble a few months ago and many that would only be useful in rituals, but would have been harder to come by months ago. As time passed magical wards and defences fell. Or in some cases the things were just unguarded now.

It seemed that the Winter Solstice and the impending Night of the Living Dead heralded a natural pause in the demands of the current living, or maybe it was the expansion of the Domes that caused the celebrations.

Either way he still had some work to do. It may not be critical to the safety of the world... but he had promised to look into it.

Some books had been gathered, various titles included "The Properties of Boltab Wood", "Magical Fauna and Flora of the Known World" and "Wood Elves - Animal or Plant?". It seemed a foolish place to start, however it was as good as any.

A Boltab sprig had been saved and was being nurtured by some of The Font's green fingered students, they were happy to see to it considering its use in healing potions... they were not aware of the High King's instructions months before to The Font's founder and leader... "Find a way to make Quayle into an elf" followed by Quayle's request "Make it a Boltab Elf".

All the available histories and Lore located throughout the world had been brought to the library shortly after the worlds cataclysm. He knew how the first elves were made despite the differing creation stories and legends he had access to most of the Coshwoods - THEY were the First, THEY watched as the others were created.

A blank canvas (body)
Imbued with magic (in this case Boltab)
A spirit and mind to control the body (Quayle)

The final parts were easy. The first would be difficult to replicate... but certainly not impossible. He had been to the Realm of the Gods, watched them rise and fall and planted a seed of faith for Erathil. He had manipulated countless worthless human "heroes" into assisting in restoring Erathil to life and had claimed favors from the Gods for the same. If he could do that, turning Quayle into a Boltab Elf should be within the realm of possibility.

Especially with the assistance of Erathil, afterall who else would be able to help move Quayle's mind from one body to another? Maybe help from Danahil too... Boltab is wood and falls under the Wood Elves sway, a fitting gift for his High Priest.
Perhaps that foul goddling Brock would also be of some help... if he had survived on the island, if not the Brocklings would be useful to study...