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Postby Thom » Fri Feb 24, 2012 12:45 am

The Light Elf Coshwood walked briskly. The corridor was long and narrow, and poorly lit. There was a steely determination on his face and he was clearly lost in thought. There was a small noise behind him and he froze instantly. He seemed suddenly aware of his surroundings and suddenly aware of the darkness. His eyes scanned the void of black in front of him, and then moved to check over his shoulder, his head twisting only a few inches. He also became aware that he had not brought any weapons, and his shield was not on his arm either.

He took a deep breath, then instantly illuminated the corridor with a Flash of light. Almost as quickly as it appeared, the light was consumed by darkness. But Flash had seen enough. There was nobody there. He continued along the corridor.

Eventually, the exit appeared out of the gloom. A High Elf stood waiting outside a wooden door which looked slightly too big for the hallway. The Elf smiled when he saw Flash approaching and when the Coshwood extended a hand, he instead bowed.

“Please, there’s no need for that…” Flash said, with a slight scowl.
“Apologies. Force of Habit.” The Elf replied.
“You are Tebastian?” Flash asked.
“Yes, my Lord. And what should I call you? Your letter was… Well, not very specific. I can hardly call you ‘The Coshwood of Light’, can I?”
“Flash. Call me Flash. Not ‘My Lord’”
“Right… F… Flash.” Tebastian smiled. “I’m sorry; I’m not used to being so informal…”
Flash smiled. “Shall we go in?”

The High Elf made a small noise, and turned around to face the door. Flash heard the him mutter a few words, before a hearing a bolt slide across the door from the other side. This was followed by the jangle of keys, and a satisfying clicking sound as the lock was released.
“Here we are” Tebastian beamed. He tried to push the door open, but the frame was jammed. He leant on it, gave it a quick barge with his shoulder and eventually forced it open, causing a small amount of wood to splinter and sprinkle onto the floor. Flash noticed a fresh coating of dust on the floor.

Tebastian stepped through first, and waved his hand over an orb on the wall, which lit up quickly and allowed both elves to survey the room. They were in a library, of sorts. The shelves were stacked haphazardly with scrolls and ancient tomes, all of which seemed to have been stuffed in. There were scribbled labels peeling off the walls, and in the centre of the room there were three desks, each with an oil lamp stationed to them. Everything was covered in dust and cobwebs.

“Wh… When was the last time you… Anyone came in here?” Flash asked with curiosity, before springing into action and riffling through papers. He located one and brought it over to the desk, before blowing the dust off it and lighting the lamp.
“We haven’t really had anyone needed to… benefit from our facilities in… years, actually.” Tebastian said. “And even though we have a very, very high standard of customers, I don’t think we’ve ever had any royalty before…” He looked carefully at Flash’s face to gauge his reaction. The Light Elf didn’t look up from his papers.
“I’m not royalty. Not really.”
There was quite a long pause. Flash continued reading intently, although he was always aware of Tebastian standing over him. Occasionally the Light Elf would replace papers and retrieve new ones, books and scrolls. Eventually, Tebastian excused himself to prepare some drinks, and Flash thought that he might just get some time to himself, but the High Elf returned almost instantaneously with two full goblets.

Tebastian raised a toast, and Flash clinked goblets with him, unnoticeably pouring a little of the amber liquid into Tebastian’s cup. The Light Elf raised the Goblet to his lips, but paused for long enough to check that Tebastian drunk his, and no “unknown side-effects” cropped up. Once he was sure it was safe, Flash took a sip. Although technically not poison, the drink was certainly alcoholic. Very alcoholic.

“So, mind if I ask what your interest in our… archive is?” Tebastian asked. Flash paused.
“Well, I was… I was dead for a long time… A very long time.” He replied. “I just want to fill in some of the blanks. And… there are a lot of blanks…” Tebastian made a sound which Flash took as a confused chuckle.
“But surely Era… Your brother has these facilities?” He said. Flash looked up, but didn’t respond. He went back to pouring over the tome that was open in front of him. He absent-mindedly took another sip of his drink. Then he read something which made him frown. He lifted his head, and then jumped up, quickly and ran over to one of the book shelves.

“F… Fountain of Youth… Felines… ah, here we are. Fort Drake…” He muttered to himself, before removing a scroll. He brought it over to the table, tingling with apprehension. Tebastian, meanwhile, had been reading a letter that had appeared out of nowhere.

“They’re doing what?” He looked up a Flash. “Excuse me a moment.” He then hurried out of the room, but Flash took no notice. He was reading intently. He finished the scroll, and looked up slowly, a look of fear and confusion on his face.

“Oh my…”

He looked over his shoulder and saw that Tebastian had gone. Quickly he packed up the loose papers and scrolls and shoved them into an open book, which he stuffed onto a shelf. He then walked slowly back to the desk, lost in thought…

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Re: Studies

Postby Thom » Tue Mar 06, 2012 6:19 pm

Flash emerged into the sunlight. Garathon stood, loyal as ever , waiting.

Garathon was a kind of bodyguard, although he had thought to himself many times that Flash would probably be more effective in a combat situation. He had watched the Coshwood’s training at the hands of the King’s finest, and seen him flourish from an amateur to a swordsman. He also knew too well of Flash’s skill with magic. There was also the fact that most of the cities criminals were too frightened to come within ten paces of the Elf for fear of being ripped to pieces by his brothers. This essentially made Garathon’s job a formality.
But he did not resent this. In fact, the fact that his job was quite simple was a blessing. Ever since the Light Elf’s return to life, Garathon was charged with keeping him safe in the Heartlands. He had also worked with a lot of High elves, and they had been, well, a lot less friendly. Although initially taken aback by Flash’s almost child-like enthusiasm and curiosity, he had soon grown accustomed to it, and even considered the Elf a friend.
It was as the Light Elf walked over to him that he realised that this was not the same Flash that had emerged from the Hopewastes some months earlier. There were dark circles under his eyes, and after the week he spent with the Heroes fighting glooms, he returned with a prominent scar on his face, etched down both cheeks and curling under his chin. Now that Garathon thought about it, it was that week that changed Flash most. Although his cheeky, heart-warming grin still frequented his face, it was not plastered permanently to it anymore. He was also often lost in deep, considered thought. And he had aged. In the last few months Flash had aged several years. He looked older and wiser, but he had also lost something, Garathon thought.

He bowed his head as the Coshwood approached.
“My Lord” He said. Flash winced.
“Garathon, how many times?”
Garathon smiled.
“You got what you were looking for?”
“… Yes. I think so,” said Flash. He glanced at a piece of paper in his hand, which was slightly crumpled and burnt at the edges.

Something came up. Apologies, but I have to leave. Please lock up when you are finished.

It was hastily written and the ink was blotchy in places. Flash folded it up and placed it into a pouch on his belt. They began to walk through the streets. The Light Elf had a troubled expression and was deep in thought. Very deep.
“Remind me that I need to learn how to teleport when we get back would you?” Flash said, eventually.
“Certainly, my Lord,” Garathon replied. Flash glanced quizzically at the High Elf next to him.
“You’re not really a conversation person, are you?”
“Conversation is not part of my job, sir,”
“It is now. Officially.” Garathon smiled inwardly. Whatever was troubling the Light Elf, it wasn’t troubling enough to stop Flash being Flash.
“What would you like to talk about then sir?” He asked.
“Again, that’s not really how it works. Normally, people just talk. I’ll start us off: How has your day been, Garathon?”
“I’ve been guarding you all day.” Flash smiled.
“I knew you had a sense of humour somewhere,” he said. They continued through the streets.

Tebastian knelt in front of a figure bathed in shadow. The High Elf appeared to be kneeling out of respect, but in reality he was bleeding. The hand that seemed to be clasped to his chest in a salute was actually keeping pressure on a stab wound. The figure pushed Tebastian backwards with a vicious kick. The blade of a sword emerged from the shadow into the light.
They were in a bare room, somewhere in the Heartlands. There was no light in the room except that which was streaming in through the window, which was nearly entirely covered in wood. Barricaded. The blade hovered above the High Elf’s chest.
“What was he doing?” The figure spoke not with the calm ferocity of the villains Tebastian had heard about. It spoke with a primal anger. A deep growl, a growl which echoed around the room and struck fear into Tebastian’s heart. This creature, whatever it was, was a killer. Not just something which killed for a living, which only killed when killing was the only option, but a killer. A murderer. Tebastian knew that he would not survive. Once the information had been extracted from him, this monster would tear him apart. And the creature would enjoy it.
“We respect our clients’ confidentiality,” the Elf managed to say. The sword withdrew for a second, before plunging back into Tebastian’s shoulder. With a sharp upward jerk, the Elf found himself suspended above the floor, screaming in pain.
“You will call him here,” The Figure said, still cloaked in shadow, “Now.”

A piece of paper appeared in front of Flash and Garathon with a pronounced pop. Flash caught it as it floated towards the floor. He read it, frowned, and then read it again.
“My Lord?” Garathon asked. Flash paused.
“You know that… Old friend I was visiting? Well, he’s just been in touch.”

He turned the parchment around so that Garathon could read it.

Everything’s fine, but could you Leave the keys outside the abandoned house on the outskirts of town Please? This would be Most convEnient for my staff.

Garathon looked up.
“He’s got an interesting way with words…” He said. Flash smiled an empty smile.
“Look again. Properly.” Garathon did, and then suddenly saw what he was meant to see.


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