Journey to Ingolé

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Journey to Ingolé

Postby Huw » Tue Mar 20, 2012 7:27 pm

"That was sudden."

It seemed that merely a day after it had been annouced that Heroes were needed to go to the dome in Arnad Guarhoth, the expedition was already setting out. He guessed that whever was organising it wasn't best aquainted with the habits of Heroes, hoping to get it done that fast. Nevetheless it left less time to prepare than Ancalimon had hoped for...

Hopping across the room on one leg, trying to get into one of his boots, he reviewed what potions he had to hand - enough of the essentials, thankfully, but he'd hoped for more time to prepare. He stomped on the floor, ramming his foor in the boot and picked up the flask he'd need. Here were a couple of healing potions; if he diluted this it would become a rockskin potion; pour all that into a bottle; the other was made by a bright student, it would do; bag, bag, he'd need a bag...

After a flurry of packing, he was ready. Time to head out.
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