Waking Up

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Waking Up

Postby Firesky » Thu Mar 29, 2012 10:56 pm

In the rain, the ground of a recently filled in grave shifted slightly, something faint could be heard underground, but what exactly couldn't be told precisely. Suddenly, a small amount of light burst out of the ground, leaving a trail of earth launched into the air.

For another four seconds, muffled sounds, followed by some the earth ripping upwards, with slightly more noticable light bursting out from within.

And again, and again, with the earth breaking up gradually, light becoming more visible, the words below remained mostly unintellegeable, in each verbal only one word carried enough emphasis to be understood from outside:


After enough light darts, the ground became broken up enough, two scarred and bloodied and rather unhealthy looking arms emerged, clawing enough dirt out of the way, the incantations now replaced with screaming until eventually, the rather prematurely inhumed person within finally burst out loudly and unsubtly from the grave, he staggered around, checking his surroundings, tears of blood ran down from his eyes. His entire body exactly as dirty as would be expected of someone who just broke out of their own grave, and despite not actually being dead, still appeared nonetheless to be in the early stages of decay. He fell to his knees, as his legs did not feel all that strong, and might not be able to actually hold his weight.

"Mother forgive me, I shall not doubt you again."

It was a cold, dark and wet night, but that didn't matter too much, now he was free from the influence of the god of madness, and now his thoughts were his own, and his choices were his to make.

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