Path of Blood

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Path of Blood

Postby Dellam » Sat Feb 04, 2012 11:32 am

Dellam knelt before the fire he had built, eyes watching the blaze even as he felt the heat flooding across his bare skin. Before it he had stripped down to the waist, the flickering light catching a lifetimes worth of scars gained fighting etched across his arms and chest. He knew they were there even though he barely noticed them now, they were merely the marks of passage through this life, his rite of passage to the point he had now reached. What was more in his mind now were the more recent changes, that slight sheen that had formed under his skin and more obviously, the wings that glowed faintly from his back, there but not. He had died, he had been struck down before the angel slayer and had started on his way to the Hope Wastes to join the others. Apparently though it had not been his time, Mamazumo had not finished with him yet, so he had been brought back. He hadn't come ck the same though instead being blessed with the true power of his blood. He was chosen, more bound to his Goddess then ever. He felt a sense of wholeness he had not known in a long time and yet he felt as if he were still changing, that events were still building to something.

His eyes closed then as he focused, hands shifting to his sides and fingers stretching out to touch the blades laid on the floor either side of him. For a moment at his touch they sprang to life, the blades turning to fire scorching at the grass till his touch was removed. Yes much had changed, was changing, but he needed to know what was next for him. The certainty of his path led him towards Velnashar, the clash which all heroes seemed to be gearing up towards. If that was where he was aimed for the good of the world and the blood of his people then so be it but right now he needed more direct guidance. He needed to know what he should DO, how he could help those around him best. With that in mind he focused on the bounding f his heart, the rush of blood in his veins and tried to reach out to his Goddess. She was in his blood, in the strength of all larkants and he called to her for his path in these dark times for the power and knowledge to best serve his people and all the peoples of the world. He wasn't sure if she could answer, if she would given events as they were but he tried anyway. Either way he would fight for her and all the others both living and dead. Such things were all he felt he had now.
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