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Postby Rebecca » Sat Mar 17, 2012 7:32 pm

As the tingle of metamagic surged through her, lifting her physical form from the island, Irisis made one last attempt to snatch the ritual focus at her back. Too slow: her hand only brushed its smooth, shinning surface before space contorted about her, throwing her between dimensions.
Immediately, she knew something was wrong. From her fingertips a throbbing heat began to spread in waves that crashed against the ripples of metamagic. And instead of fading out, they amplified each other, a searing agony that spread through the living tissues of her body, nearly blinding her. Time itself seemed to bend about her, and beneath the seasons flicked, verdant forest growing starved and crooked, then burgeoning anew. Looking down at her hands, she saw her pale flesh turn translucent. Plumes of vapour streamed from her now fluid form, mingling in the inferno. Irisis screamed.


From the evening sky above Ingolé, a bolt of deep blue flame burst forth, and struck the distant earth in an otherworldly pyroclasm. For days it would continue to rage, lighting the night sky with a spectral brilliance.


In a certain room of the Arcane University, an iridescent crystal tinkled, shattering from its frame.
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