Training at the University

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Training at the University

Postby Stevie » Fri Mar 23, 2012 7:04 pm

Lophaetus walked out into the University courtyard with 3 young acolytes following in tow looking excitable. He moved into the centre and motioned with his hand positions to stand in, the acolytes quickly moved to their positions, having Loph surrounded on 3 sides. Loph closed his eyes, focusing deeply as lightning cracked around his body and his muscles tensed and become taut.

“Ok, now I know you might be concerned, but don’t be, just hit me with what you’ve got, just like I said.”

The 3 Acolytes began chanting, small dark whirls of shadow dancing around their fingertips, then at once with their incantation finished they each through a shadowy tendril of power towards Loph

“Shadow Strike”
“Shadow Strike”
“Shadow Strike”

They began casting immediately after, this time smaller whirls of darkness running around their fingers.
The first waves of darkness shot out impossibly fast towards Loph, and in the instant that it looked like they connected his body arched to the side and the shadow moved past, not making contact. Loph was able to gather his balance again before 3 separate balls of shadow shot towards him, moving just as fast as the first.

The Shadows moved closer and closer, a small bead of sweat ran down Lophs brow as he focused and studied the shadows hard, anticipating their strike. He turned his body to the left, darting fast and making the same movements as before to dodge the spells coming at him. A look of frustration appeared on his face as they hit, holding him firmly in place. The acolytes watched for a while, looking crestfallen themselves. It took a while for the spell to break and when it did Lophs face flashed red in anger.

“ARGH!! Damn it! Again, go again.” Lophaetus barked (*Second Wind*)

The Acolytes began again, weaving shadows through their hands
“Shadow Strike”
“Shadow Strike”
“Shadow Strike”
Each shadow failed to connect, Loph moving fast enough to duck under their blows.
The second spells came in, Loph sliced at the first with his sword, remembering seeing spells being cut from the air once. As the blade swung through the shadow Loph dived forwards and under it, rolling and coming to his feet as the shadows slammed into him, holding him in place.

He came free, his anger overwhelming him.
“AGAIN!” He yelled, the frustration clearly showing upon his face.
One of the acolytes removed his hood, speaking up in a timid voice.
“I’m sorry, I’m out of power now, I don’t think you’re getting anywhere with this, it’s been 2 weeks already Loph”

“No, I can do it. I’m just not fast enough yet, I need to keep working on it. Can you send the twins out please?”
Loph paced as he talked

“Yeah, sure... I’ll tell them you were asking after them. Any excuse for them to throw ridiculous amounts of fire about.”
The Acolytes leave the courtyard and Lophaetus picks up a black chest-plate. His arms quiver as he picks up what is clearly a very heavy piece of metal and pushes it up over his head.
A short while after two small teens come running into the courtyard, each playing with a small ball of fire within their hands. They lock eyes with Loph, and immediately without a word between the two groups they begin to through fireball after fireball after him.

The fight ensued for a while, Lophaetus weaving in and out of the fire, being slowed significantly by the heavy armor, but still the fire kept missing. Loph ducked down for a while, regaining his breath (*Second Wind*) before rejoining, dodging with ease as fire rained down all around him.
The fire eventually dwindled, the boys having used what power they had.
“Almost got you a couple of times Loph”
The air elf frowned as he removed the heavy armour, looking disdainfully at the twins
“You were nowhere near.”
Lophaetus turned, walking to the armour rack. With Lophs back turned a small streak of fire bolted out from one of the twins’ hands, hurdling towards the now unaware Lophaetus. His head snapped to the side as the fire streaked past, hitting the stone walls before fizzling out.
“Like I said... nowhere near, but still I’m just not fast enough. Thanks for the help boys, same time tomorrow?”
They nodded, before running off.
“I can’t be this weak, not now... we’re running out of time.” Lophaetus said to himself, before glancing upwards at the stars. He moved out of the courtyard, he needed to rest.

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