Seeking Out A Feline

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Seeking Out A Feline

Postby Peter Levy » Thu May 10, 2012 4:10 pm

**The city was unfamiliar to Uzrath. Sure, he had been here for a while, but its streets were confusing, too deliberate, uncomfortable. Somehow the name had slipped his mind...**

What did he say...? The Spirit... His champion is...

**Did it begin with an A?**

Aaaaaaaah... Haaa... Ah! Ha... Ha-something. A feline.


**People in this city have avoided the great faun; perhaps scared, certainly uneasy. Uzrath lumbered over to a nearby man. The man shook slightly, looking past Uazrath, as though pleading for rescue...**

The world is in a state of great imbalance. I am searching for one who may hold a key to its survival. Do you know of a Feline? They have a name beginning with 'Ha', I believe...

**The man stuttered in his response, his eyes darting about the faun's face.**

Th... There's... There's no felines that I seen, sir. Promise!

**Uzrath leant in close to the man's face, studying the sweat on his brow. Cocking his head to the side, he reiterated his purpose.**

This one is a hero of some note, I believe. You must surely know of the Heroes? A feline, who has ties to the local Woodland Spirit, the Tree of Life and Death. I ask simply, can you help me?

**The man seemed to loosen up a little bit. Looming as this creature is, in its rags and fur -and in its plea for help- he finds pity rising within him.**

I.. I can ask around for you? Where can I find you?

There are not many trees in this place. Tell what you find to the plants, and the word will reach me. Thank you, good sir.

The... Plants? Who are you?

I am Uzrath Mehlah Oxtuhab Jolakh Ud Ub Zahalax. I am one of the Great Fauns, guardians of nature's balance.

**Lost somewhere in this bizarrely long title, the man drifted out of the conversation briefly. Blinking a couple of times, he chirped up once more.**

Well, mister... Faun, I am Joseph Herel. I'll ask around about your cat!

**Joseph walked away in something of a hurry. Uzrath stood, leaning on his mace, and watched the human scamper off up the street. Night was falling, and that meant danger. Uzrath stood up tall and looked around. Someone must know something**

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Re: Seeking Out A Feline

Postby rachel » Fri May 11, 2012 10:22 pm

The sun is almost set when Uzrath hears movement from the rooftops above. A shadowy silhouette appears on the tiled roof of one of the smaller houses, crouched low and sniffing the air ((OOC Improved Sniff)). When she speaks, her voice is tinged with suspicion, though not unfriendly.

"You are looking for me?"
Haze: A distrusting feline. With a mask.
Safina Kor: Human warrior from the Kor tribe (because everyone knows men can't fight... ;))
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