Help at Hand

For In Character events within the human lands of Sinya Palurin

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Help at Hand

Postby Will » Wed Jun 20, 2012 7:21 pm

**Around midday, a man clothed in red and black armour, his shield shining with the gold sheen of a rising phoenix, takes a stand at the centre of Ingolé. The crowds of panicking and terrified people gradually quiet down as he looks out upon them, elevated by a collection of wooden boxes. There is something about the way he stands that encourages the audience**

"People of Sinya Palurin. People of Gweria. People of the Heartlands, Noore I'Meles, Arnad Gaurmoth, Serke Kemi, Dolen Talath, Pharon Gloss. People of Pargon. People of Velmaneth!"

**He pauses to make sure he has everyone's attention.**

"These days are the darkest that many of us have every seen. The globes of life within this world grow ever fewer, and ever under greater threat. Yet I look out before me and I see the people of this world still fighting to survive. To live on. Some of you make way to the new Bastion. Do this, keep safe.

But there are those that MUST stay. We cannot give up on Pargon. We must hold this area of land that is ours and we must do it with every ounce of essence, every scrap of bravery and every inch of strength that we can muster. For should we lose the mainland, I fear we will never again set safe footing here again.

I... am Prince William Harwood. Son of the former Prince Harwood. I am here to tell you that you are NOT forgotten. That the heroes have NOT abandoned you. That we WILL fight back and that we will lead this world into a brighter future.

If you cannot defend yourself then go, without prejudice. Make safe in the Bastion. Tend the crops, rebuild. Be ready for our glorious return to Pargon.

But those who stay, I say to you. Fight. We shall bring war upon the Souless. We shall rain death upon Undeath. We will stand and the Sentinels will shine and the glory of their blaze will burn the darkness from this world. We shall rebuild and we shall overcome. This is the Heroes Way!"

With that he steps down, escorted by several guard, and makes his way to one of the more established houses**
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Re: Help at Hand

Postby Ben » Wed Jun 20, 2012 7:53 pm

**Quayle listens intently before sending a messenger to find Uthred and then follows Harwood**
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