Quelling the chaos, bringing hope.....

For In Character events within the human lands of Sinya Palurin

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Quelling the chaos, bringing hope.....

Postby Sproglet » Sat Jun 23, 2012 8:29 pm

Uthred hearing of the disappearing heroes, the university gone with Sylas and the panic and disorder that caused steps into the power vacuum left by this....

Martial law is imposed to quell the riots and Larkent warriors and Mercenary Guild memebers can be seen patrolling the streets, recruiters start going house to house, signing men up for a newly formed militia.

Uthred makes his way to the barracks of the telefret soldiers who guard the city recognising the need for a leader those men had. He has a passing cart stopped and climbs up, ordering the Telefret to come and listen before deciding their course of action....

'Soldiers of the Telefret, I come to you in this time of need! The university is gone! We can only presume Haran Sylas Sage went with it which puts us in a difficult position...'

'We are surrounded by enemies... the glooms and the souless stand ready to strike us! But I say to you hope is not gone! the tribes are strong! Together we can prevail against all odds!'

'Ingolé is are last outpost, the last land of the tribes held by us! It is home to all the tribes now! From this day forth I propose we all call Ingolé home! and we all stand together to defend our home! Telefret! Larkent! Everni! Jerhovren! Together we are unassailable! We stood the the depravations of the Elves and prevailed and if you will stand united with me we can prevail against thes foes too!

'Soldiers of the Telefret! Are you with me!'

General Uthred EndBane, Paladin of Hope, Haran of the Larkent
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Re: Quelling the chaos, bringing hope.....

Postby Will » Sat Jun 23, 2012 9:18 pm

**William Harwood watches the speech with interest from the other side of the road**

"Pff, copycat"

**He smiles and heads off to organise the potential mission for tomorrow**
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