On the Bishop, somewhere in the deepest part of the ocean

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On the Bishop, somewhere in the deepest part of the ocean

Postby rachel » Thu Jul 19, 2012 12:17 pm

Kezzia leans over the edge of the crows nest, staring out into the empty blue sea that spread out for miles. On the deck below her lounge an odd assortment of people, chatting, practising spells, or sleeping in the sun. Most are street youths who had jumped aboard the day the Glooms had attacked, but some are survivors the Nomads had rescued from the sea.

"Thank Danahil Glooms can't swim," murmurs the girl quietly, smiling to herself. "Or we'd all be fucked."

Despite the direness of their situation, she feels more positive than she ever thought possible. It has been weeks since her last proper nightmare, the kind where she woke screaming and petrified and so desperate not to experience it again that she kept herself awake for the next three days, and now a full nights sleep is absolute bliss. She might be not in a position to do much about the Glooms herself, but she knows Farreck and Gizmo will be working on something, and right now her responsibility is to their ship and the survivors.
A new world is coming, and who knows what it might be like.
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Re: On the Bishop, somewhere in the deepest part of the ocea

Postby Luke » Thu Jul 19, 2012 10:49 pm

James walked out from the ship, his shirt torn and well worn, his waistcoat a little muddy. Still holding onto his arm as it twitched.

Where are we headed? I've counted the money. Again. Shame we can't buy anything really.
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