Answering the summons

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Answering the summons

Postby Sonny » Tue Jun 19, 2012 9:36 pm

*sitting in his private room hidden away under his shop Jin’ro rest in the rotting remains of his armchair casually sipping at a goblet, the liquid inside suspiciously crimson. Occasional lifting it for the spectral creature perched on his shoulders to take a sip as he mulled away the time. Suddenly dropping the glass all of a sudden he stood bolt upright and sent his bird flapping off through one of the rooms stone walls as a wailing cry filled his mind, the otherworldly shriek inaudible to all but a select through individuals in the land of the living. A sound he knew all too well from his unnaturally long existence, but a song that hadn’t been sung for quite some time.... the spirits were singing, an army was marching and war had come, blood would be spilt and lives cut wonderfully short by the sweeping tides of violence. A shiver of excitement ran up his bony spine as he darted through into the main room of the chamber and grabbed one of the shrunken heads that were dangling by the door, slapping its cheek firmly to wake his minion up*
“Yo Jebe dis be no time to be sleeping mon, da spirits be singing to me, dey cry out in pain and sorrow, such a sweet melody. War as come to dis world again, but da song dey sing.... it be da undead dat march to da drums, death has come once again to devour dis world and we av much to do mah little friend. Time be short, take me to mah well, da spirits are calling and I shall answer dare song.”

*with a bit of fuss and another hearty back handed slap the little shrunken head chanted away, both unholy creatures vanishing in a blink of meta magic.*

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