The Fall of The Cloudlit Realm

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The Fall of The Cloudlit Realm

Postby Ben » Sun Jan 08, 2012 12:23 am

In the beginning

As Lavelas fell from the heavens, shattered, burning, he cursed his brother’s name, Velnashar would pay for this.

The most powerful curse is one made in one’s dying breath and the curse of a dying god against his own brother must be the most powerful of all. As the moon crumbled into the seas around Pharon Glos, its power was released in a great storm, air and water magic beyond imagining was released with the sole intention of destroying Velnashar. The storm covered Velmaneth as rain, thunder and lightning shook the world to its very core and nowhere was it felt more keenly than on the great floating mountain stronghold of the Air Elves, Eremethal’s holy seat: The Cloudlit Realm.

Velnashar watched the storm and smiled at worldwide destruction unlike any yet seen on Velmaneth. In Lavelas’ fury, he had become a pawn of the Lord of Destruction and as he watched he saw creatures pouring forth from the storm, Elves of air and water combined: The Storm Elves and he smiled again, a dark malevolent smile. An idea had been brewing in his mind for some time, if his mother could create gods and he was her equal then so could he. He had destroyed his brother and in so doing had taken much of his power, power he would use to create a goddess, a lover but he would need to shape that power to give her a purpose. And what a purpose it would be.

A pillar of fire and shadow appears in Kazrazil’s chambers and the Fire Elf looked up as Velnashar steps from it resplendent in his long black coat.
“Kazrazil, my child, my chosen, first of the Elves of destruction.”
“My Lord Velnashar, I am your servant.”
Velnashar smiles “Yes. But you serve me and me alone and so that all know this, I have brought you a gift.” Suddenly, within the Lord of Destruction’s hands there is a crown which looks as if it is made from fire. “Kneel before me.”
Kazrazil kneels before his lord and Velnashar places the crown upon his head “Thank you my lord.”
“Now, Kazrazil, I have another gift for you, the gift of knowledge. Your brother Temporil is in great danger. This storm has been brought forth to destroy him. Even now an army of Elves born of Air and Water are being brought forth from it to steal his home. I care little for the Elves of Air but these Storm Elves represent an unbalancing. Warn your brother that these creatures come to conquer.”
Kazrazil stands “Yes, my lord.”
“Destroy them.” with this Velnashar and the pillar of shadow and flame disappears.

High above Velmaneth, the mountain hangs in the air as the storm strikes out at it. At its peak, the great sapphire spires of the Cloudlit Realm stand like spears as lightning strikes them. Within the throne room, atop a throne of grey mist sits Temporil surrounded by his Air Elven guards and before him stands Kazrazil.
“This storm is not the work of Eremethal, it is something else. Even now brother, it brings forth a new breed of our people, the Elves of the Storm.”
“Yes, I have seen them. They surround the Cloudlit realm, basking in the storms power but they have not harmed us.”
“But they will. They are here to conquer. To destroy your people and take your place, you must not allow this to happen. Riverthil and Krystal already have races aligned to water, there should not be another!”
Temporil nods “The balance would be disrupted. This encroachment into our kingdom will not be allowed.”
“Thank you brother.”
Temporil turns to his guards “Call out the guard, destroy these Storm Elves.”

Velnashar watched as the battle raged. The Air Elves outnumbered the Storm Elves but whereas the Elves of the Storm were affected very little by the magics of air, the Elves of Air were being slaughtered with the powerful storm magics whose water component cut through their innate defences with ease. It had been so easy to manipulate this and though he would have preferred the Storm Elves to have been destroyed in this war, he would deal with them in the future.

The Air Elves were all but defeated, a few who were able had fled, falling or flying from their homeland to the Heartlands. Within the throne room Temporil and his personal guard made their final stand as the Storm Elves burst through the doors in a flurry of sword and spellfire. As a great Sorcerer, Temporil managed to slay dozens of the invaders before finally their leader arrived, a tall, powerful Storm Elf wielding two dark blue blades that crackled with lightning.
“I am Accipiter and you will surrender. Now.”
“And I am Temporil Coshwood, first of the Air Elves and King of the Cloudlit Realm and I will never surrender to you.”
“Then be destroyed.”
The two powerful elves go at each other, blades crashing, spell and counterspell ricocheting around the chamber as the deadly dance continues for several minutes then suddenly the whole room, the whole mountain shakes as a massive bolt of lightning strikes the throne room, shattering the massive window behind the throne. The noise of the storm is almost unbearable and the wind whips round the room, trying the draw the contents out through the window. Temporil grabs at the frame frantically as he tries to stop himself being sucked into the void beyond and suddenly he gasps as pain stabs at his chest and he loses his grip and he is gone, his body falling towards the earth far below. Across the room, Accipiter lowers a bow that, like the swords appears to be made from the storm itself: Altair, Bow of Nimbo-Stratus. As one of the other Storm Elves casts Repair on the great broken window, the cry goes up: “All hail Accipiter Razorwind, King of the Cloudlit Realm”.

Velnashar looked at his new creation with pride and lust, a woman, tall and dark with a deadly beauty, born from Velmaneth’s first war: Larweyella. As he kissed her he whispered in her ear,
“You will bring more chaos and death than I could ever imagine and soon, very soon, I will make sure that you will get the chance to fight one of my brethren.”

Five years later

The well broke through, Serke Kemi was created and Larweyella was despatched to do battle against Lenamo. Eremine chose to strip the knowledge of the future from her mind and seal it away within a book, The Book of Prophecy within a temple dedicated the newly created Eternity, Goddess of Time. The greater gods were summoned to seal it away and in return each of the gods was granted a blessing, a little knowledge of the future designed to bring wisdom. As Velnashar watched he saw a Storm Elf sitting upon the throne in the Cloudlit Realm. Suddenly blood flowed from the Elf's body and formed three figures who launched themselves at Velnashar. The god of Chaos and Destruction fought back and though the figures fell, they would rise once more, more powerful than before. As quickly as they appeared, they were replaced with a blue skinned elf standing in shadow so he could not make out their features. As Velnashar watched, he saw the figure filled with the power of balance and though Velnashar tried to move the figure simply raised his hand, stopping him in his tracks. In his rage he tried to cast magic but the elf waved his hand stopping him again. As he stood, unable to move, or speak or cast he watched as the elf granted this power to others and then watched as these grouped together and surrounded him, stopping his every action. He knew that Lavelas had brought the power of the storm to punish him and now he knew that the blood of Razorwind would always stand in his way. He could kill them but they would always come back and one of them was destined to become…what? Ah yes, they would become the Anointed one, filled with the power of his mother and able to grant that power to others in order to maintain the balance.

Over a century and a half later

Decades had passed and a pale skinned elf kneels in his quarters. In front of him is a small fire which he passes his hand through as he speaks.
“Lord Velnashar, I am your faithful servant, I have done all you have ordered and more.” He plunges his hand into the flames and leave it there, the flames flicker around his fingers scorching the flesh. “Tell me your will.”Behind him comes a voice and as the elf turns his head, he sees a figure in black sitting relaxed with his feet on the table.
“Ah, Dischord, my faithful servant.” the elf begins to stand then stops, unable to move “Please. Don’t get up”
The look on the Elf’s face is pleading as the smell of burning flesh fills the air “Yes, my Lord.”
“I do not like being summoned. You have your orders.”
“My Lord, I am sorry. I have taught the boy as you wished, from the outside my teachings have made him everything the king would want from his son but inside…inside he is ripe to rebel, to turn away from his people and leave this place forever.”
“Then you have performed your function.” there is a gleam in the god’s eye.
“You told me to stop the rest of the Storm Elves from ever leaving this place and I have done so, I persuaded the King to make it law that any Elf, Storm or Air, must receive his permission or that of his son in order to leave.”
“You bore me Dischord. You tell me nothing I do not know.”
“My Lord, I have sown the seeds. Aquilla and his brother will both leave this place, they have the desire and they have the means and without them, there is no one to protect the king.” suddenly Dischord finds himself able to move once more and begins to nurse his burning hand.
“It appears you have done better than I expected.” a small black sphere, wreathed in fire appears in his hand. “As soon as the sons of Razorwind leave the realm, you will place this seed within the king’s throne and then he will be mine.”
“Yes, my lord”
“And then you will travel to Velmaneth and reacquaint yourself with the young prince but this time not as Chordeiles. You will take on the appearance of a Wood Elf and you will help the young prince to rebel. Make him a scout or a thief or an assassin. Nurse the seed within him, do not allow him to become a hero.”
“I will perform your will, my Lord.”
“He has a destiny, to become the anointed one, the one who can name sentinels. You must stop that from happening. Take the power yourself or give it to someone weak or foolish who will grant the power to anyone who tells them to.”
“It will be done.”
“Yes. It will.” and the god of chaos and destruction was gone.

Martikan 15th 158

Thadius listened to the sounds of fighting as the Black Frenzy powder overwhelmed the followers of Eremine within the temple. Chaos and Destruction brought forth by free will, as his lord had said in the very beginning "I shall give them free will, the choice to do what they will with their lives. By the light of my day they shall wreak more destruction by their own accord that anything that I could ever imagine, and it will be all by their own hand."

He began to follow as the others made their way through the doors of the temple but as he did so he was no longer where he had been. No longer was he surrounded by Aquilla, Malfurion, Nathaniel, Aratain, Kriska and The Otter. Now he stood back in the Cloudlit Realm, a place he had only left the day before. King Accipiter was in front of him seated on the throne of mist wreathed in fire and shadow.
"Ah, Dischord." there is a certain malice in the king's voice.
Thadius looked around at the faces of the court in panic but they did not respond to his true name "My Lord, why have you summoned me?"
"Should I not summon one of my followers if it is my will?"
"No...I mean...I was following your orders. They would name me the Anointed One...I have stolen Aquilla's destiny."
"And I have stolen Aquilla."
"What? Where is he?" there is genuine concern in the Elf's voice.
"That is not your concern."
"But..." the voice now full of desperation.
"I will not be questioned by one of my servants." the threat within the voice is palpable.
"My Lord, I live only to serve you."
"Perhaps. But I am concerned that you have developed certain feelings for the young prince."
"That is not true." Thadius' voice cracks as he says this.
"Good," the king waves his hand and Aquilla appears before them on the floor, unconscious "Kill him."
"My Lord?"
"Kill him. Now. I do not usually repeat myself."
Thadius slowly takes a knife from his belt and, shaking, puts it to Aquilla's throat where he hesitates for a moment before dropping the blade, "I am sorry my lord, I cannot."
"I have no need of a servant who cannot follow simple instructions." he waves his hand and Thadius collapses with a sickening ripping of skin followed by a wet thud as his body is turned inside out. With another wave of his hand, Aquilla's unconscious form disappears leaving the pile of bone, blood and offal. "Clear this away."

8th Feveriat 159

"Fifteen days!" Velnashar screamed at the man seated in front of him, in gold-trimmed black robes with a tall green topped staff.
"His friends made the sacrifice." Kan Slaar replied, unconcerned.
"His friends made the sacrifice." Velnashar replied in a mock tone. "I don't care about your stupid rules! He should be dead!"
The vampire shrugged "It is an agreement made between the Gods of Life and Death, I rule here but I also serve them as gatekeeper."
"You forget Kan Slaar, the Hope Wastes are my creation. MINE! You rule here only by my permission and I can take that away from you in a...heartbeat." Velnashar smiles at this last word as the other man grimaces.
"What is done is done." there is no emotion in his voice.
"No. You will correct what is done. Within six months Aquilla must return here and this time you will keep him here forever."
Kan Slaar remains implacid "His friends, the Stormbringers, will simply make the sacrifice again."
"Then you will take that option away!"
"It is the will of Lenamo."
"You are safe from my brother's wrath here in my lands. You will no longer allow the old ways of sacrifice to bring back the dead, do not disobey me. Do not force me to take away your safety from my brother."
"Yes Velnashar."
"Six have until the 8th day of Agus. Send one of your blood to do the deed."
"Yes, Velnashar"
"And remember, if he is freed again I will come here. I will rule here. I will decide what happens here and trust me, you will not like it. Do you understand?"
"I understand." it is the resigned tone of a man who knows he has no choice.

Shortly before the apocalyse

King Accipiter sat atop the once misty throne, now filled with fire and shadow. His people stood around him unmoving, but in their eyes could be seen pure, unadulterated terror. He seems to be talking to himself.
“They will come.”
“They are dead.”
“That won’t stop them.”
“It has stopped them.”
“You have waited over three years.”
“And I’ll wait another three hundred. They will come.”
“They will not. They have forgotten you.”
“You are mine.”
“Stop trying to fight it, it bores me.”
“This world will soon be covered by my Glooms. If you continue to fight, I will allow them to cover this little realm as well.”
“I will never give in.”
“Then be destroyed.”

Suddenly the king felt free for the first time in years, the rest of the court were able to move and then, just as suddenly they felt the floating mountain beneath their feet beginning to shake. The throne beneath him disappeared, the magical lights all went out, weapons lost their power as all magic in the Cloudlit Realm was removed. Including that which held it in the air. As the Cloudlit Realm fell, King Accipiter Razorwind stood and gathered his people together.

“Danahil, my son told me about you. Thank you for granting us freedom, even the freedom to die is better than living as a slave. Please, grant my sons freedom from the Hope Wastes so that they may avenge their people.”

The mountain fell, the sapphire towers of the Cloudlit Realm shattered and the Storm Elf civilisation was no more. Somewhere, a Wood Elven deity listened then visited his High Priest.
"And unconscious people always count as willing"

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Re: The Cloudlit Realm

Postby Ben » Sun Jan 08, 2012 8:37 pm

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Martikan 15th 158
8th Feveriat 159
"And unconscious people always count as willing"

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