Plans, Plans, Plans

For In Character events within Noore I'Meles, the homeland of the Orcs, Goblins and Rodera

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Plans, Plans, Plans

Postby Peter Levy » Fri Dec 02, 2011 4:59 pm

**Farrek sits, his head in his hands. He hasn't sat this still for weeks. He thought on things he had learned; with the Font, with the heroes, with the mad flying lady and the void. He thought on things that had happened; at the end of days, within the domes of protection, here in his homeland. The truce between the Rodera and the Orcs is still steady -well, as steady as it can be. No sign of the Goblins, although he had seen three outside their lands; perhaps there was hope for them.**

**His thoughts now turn to rebuilding this land. So much work has already been done: the land has been allotted as farmland or camping grounds or set aside for sanitation. The Orcs have started building their tunnels. A few have made attempts to push out into the glooms on some experiment or other; none had returned. From the remaining Rodera, a few individuals had shone through. Planners, enforcers, diplomats, comforters, inventors, craftsmen, seers, and those with endless faith. There is definite potential here.**

**Once more he thinks back to the old days. Farrek Char, son of Councilman Talan Farrek, a student in the College of Light. He had seen inside that hall, the hall where the leaders of the first clans had convened their council, the hall where in the fourth year of the world, Noore I'Meles was born to nationhood. This hall, barely lit, lacking the grandeur of the rest of Ronas, was where his father sat with the twelve other councilmen when it happened; when they came. He has to see inside again. There is a book, a book where the minutes were taken. What was discussed in that chamber? What had they said, what had they decided, what was our fate to have been?**

I call upon the forces of the element of light. Bend thy rays, and show me what i cannot see here. Bring the sights of inside the Roderan Council Chamber. Guide my vision to the open pages of the books of our council. Send their text to my sight. Darkness has covered our land. I bid it lifted, so that we can rebuild. We acknowledge our tracks, and seek a new trail. Powers of light make distance nothing to vision, and grant me the power of Far Sight
((Far Sight: into the council chamber, focusing on Talan Farrek's notes))


**All day and all night, for weeks, Farrek's mind has been troubled. He paced up and down. Frantic notes were scribbled into his book. He paced some more. Occasionally there was call to help in the sowing of seeds, or the building of shelter, or the cooling of tempers between the races. But always, his mind was in a thousand places at once.**

**He reads through some of his notes: what did Yashmanar tell us? Velnashar is the end. The glooms are counted among his followers. We could rename the End perhaps? No. Yashmanar had revealed this to be impossible: only a god, indeed Eremine herself can rename the End. The sentinels must be sacrificed to make Velnashar mortal; some gods may be willing to restore them, and either way D'Arvan could rename the Anointed One and save himself... How do we gather them? We should not use the House. The House... Each night it claims more lives. Perhaps the Orcs are right to dig. We could all dig? A system of caves between the protections? Too time consuming. Stockpile scrolls of teleportation: one to the clouds, the other to your destination. Not enough paper, not enough power. The gods are willing, but unable to help us fight back against Velnashar. We must rename the End, and strip him of those followers. And what or who was pretending to be Jin'Ro? Certainly someone shielded from divining; could have been many. Is that important? Eremine must rename the End.**

**Eureka. In evil, he was the End, in good... Velnashar had caused him to lose control: Yashmanar has said as much -and more: he is still alive. We should fine him. But there is also her other servant, the reptile? What light could he shed? He said he had been in her presence, perhaps he can convince her? Perhaps he could take on the Jasdu/End dischotomy? Jasdu. He should be the first to speak to. He is alive, but where? And is he well? Is he in control? Is he really alive? Could any of Yashmanar's answers have been warped? He told us that Velnashar was aware of the questions, but could not say whether he was changing the answers. Jin'Ro? Jasdu. Jasdu could be the answer: find him, find Kar as well, see if their, or our prayer could coax Eremine into renaming the End. With a new End, the glooms would be called off, the domes would not be needed, and Velnashar would lose some of his strength...**

**Where is Jasdu? Farrek does not know him. Quayle seemed to know him. Perhaps he could help? A letter should be sent. Is he well? It is easy to see him through magic. But, where is he? Also easy to find by magic. Maybe it is time to stop pondering and start casting? A letter should be sent, after discovering more about Jasdu's location and condition.**

I call upon the powers of the elements: of fire and air, of water and earth, the powers of light and of shadow. I call upon the forces of life and death, and the Meta magicks that bind them. Grant me insight into this problem. Lift the clouds of ignorance and reveal to me the precise location of Jasdu.
((Insight: where exactly is Jasdu... 7 words))

Powers of the element of light, once more I wish your favour. Guide my vision over this world and take my eyes to where Jasdu is. Make distance nothing, and bring sight of this scene to me. I call upon the forces of light to pierce the darkness, and reveal these sights to me. Element of light, I bind thee to my eyes, to see beyond distance, and observe the condition of Jasdu.
((Far Sight: wherever Jasdu is...))

**Hurriedly unfurling his book, his pen and his ink from his belt, Farrek starts to write a letter, explaining what he has thought and what he now knows. Three copies? But how to send them? Jin'Ro used Tweety. A teleport spell would likely take him with it, and kill him. Farrek does not want this. A ritual? Of course... WHEN IN DOUBT... The ritual, yes. Another message to send: how do Sinya Palurin's elections work? Who would know? Sylas? Yasmin? Reith perhaps? How is Reith. How is Gizmo, and Caen, and Rosanki? Are they in the Fey realm? Is Rosanki restored? How is Gizmo... She has suffered so much. The thought of Gizmo's smile had always been motivation enough. She must be fine. Perhaps separate copies of the plan should go to the Font, to Erathil, to Quayle, to Reith? What about Serke Kemi? An oath had been sworn in blood o defend the world, they should be informed too.**

**His mind will clearly stay in many places. But now a thousand may have become nine hundred and ninety seven.**
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Re: Plans, Plans, Plans

Postby Peter Levy » Thu Dec 22, 2011 12:17 pm

**It was worth a try. Too dark, too small, too hastily scribbled. But the other matter is still a really rather serious problem... He is still on the rampage, and Erathil is barely able to contain him. So, then what of Dreth'Kar? As a successor, perhaps? This really isn't any of Farrek's business. There is much more space now. Hopefully the orcs will not be too put out about their tunnels not reaching the border. Or being needed to travel. The tunnels are their preferred homes. Lots more space for crops. Lots more space for people. Perhaps even space for more people? There needs to be order. The Council should be called. ''A symbol of leadership of the Rodera, made over a century ago, that can only be held by one.'' One.**

I guess that means me. I wish Rosanki was here, this is his dream: a new age for the Rodera. Well, obviously this is not the ideal dream...

**Farrek gazes into the bronze skull of a great horned rat, as he often has. He's put this off for a long time. Now is probably the right time. There are at least half a dozen likely candidates. Planners, enforcers, diplomats, comforters, inventors, craftsmen, seers, and those with endless faith. There is definite potential here. The New Council? The Second Council? The name won't matter, so long as it is a more open council, a more moral council, less concerned with maintaining appearances, more concerned with just maintaining... There's little point in a vote. The best people do not need to be popular.**

**One by one, the strongest leaders among the Rodera are made a proposal. They take their time to consider it. Farrek fiddles with a few small beads. Time for a ritual?**

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Re: Plans, Plans, Plans

Postby Peter Levy » Sat Jan 07, 2012 9:40 pm

**Farrek was satisfied. Six good candidates, all willing. An interesting blend: The Knight of Yashmanar, a fellow Student of Light, the Priestess of Firin, the Student of Flame, the Ritualist and the Earth mage follower of Lenamo. Their meetings had all been productive. Each has given so much to the Roderan people, and each has so much more to offer. In the new age, they should represent the variety of our world. One more should sit with them, one who may -in his present guise- be controversial. The Explorer. The Explorer should have a voice. Farrek will seek out the Explorer, to extend an invitation; an unprecedented step in Orc-Rodera diplomacy.**


**Lorax One-Eye speaks with his advisor.**
A new Council is to be called. And, do you know, I have been selected! I was taken quite aback. But, I suppose the work with the Constructs was reasonably effective... Each Councillor must nominate a second; their magistrate. Fralen Ecket, I am choosing you.

**across the dome, similar conversations are had.**

**Dextor, Tolak Dextor. He had known Farrek Char, many years ago. Dextor may well have been the only student there who knew Farrek's heritage. It did not surprise him to see the sword in Farrek's hands. In fact, it's about time! But it is a colossal burden, which they must share. As for his Magistrate, Dextor had settled on the ranger Glarek. Glarek has always been one who lifts the spirits of the Rodera: a devoted follower of the Goddess of Light, and a truly good soul. People will follow his word.**

**Rurdak One-Ear approaches the Priestess nervously. Mother Mollal speaks her mind, and is usually right. Rurdak expects the worst every time she summons him to her. But this time, the young scout is surprised at her calmness and her levity.**
I am to sit on the new Council. You are to be my Magistrate. Congratulations.

**Mogat Kalbuz had dedicated himself to the preservation of life. Since the End of Days, this had been a round-the-clock fight. Construction, treating disease, tending to the creche: these tasks and more had kept him well occupied. With the help of the herbalist and ranger, Salvik Buchak, who walks the path of balance, Kalbuz had had much success. Sitting on the council, there was clearly only one choice for Magistrate.**

**Skeener Krattr set down his accordion. He sensed the presence of an old companion. A brave fellow, one who stayed back slightly too long when they had fled. Brave, but not foolhardy; Nool certainly has a temper, and can be rather arrogant, but beneath it was a true wisdom. He has always seen what others miss. Skeener has always seen big things for him. The smile on the face of Nool Skirdrak said it all: of course he was to be Councillor.**
How do you fancy being my...
Magistrate? Love to! What an honour. And congratulations.
How do you keep doing that? Knowing what I'm about to say?
I know things... You know that. Your name will be in my songs very soon, my friend.

**Hugruck the Grey had been in a deeper state of mourning since he learned of the passing of his nephew. It was wrong of them to exile Rosanki, leaving him to the mercy of the outside world. It was wrong. As the senior member of the Church of Yashmanar in Noore I'Meles, Hugruck should have a powerful voice, but his mind has been in dark places for months. His Knight, Belig Nalden will make an excellent Councillor: he embodies so much of what the Rodera are, and can be.**


**Farrek sits with the Orcs. He lays out his proposal in the simplest terms he can find in his rambling mind:**

We are choosing our leaders. When we last met to discuss the naming of the Explorer, Lorax -the one who had created the constructs (and, for the the actions to desecrate and dishonour the fallen of your kin, on behalf of the entire Roderan people, I offer most sincere apologies once more), who had been acting as the leader of our people nominated me to call a new Council.

I am going to call this council within the next week or so. The previous council was, although formed in good faith, too closed, opaque, and despotic. Decisions made about our land, that is the land that Orc, Rodera and Goblin share, were made seemingly on a whim, or with corrupted and selfish aims. This is not the way of our people, or of our shared nation. For my part on the Council, it is my express aim to ensure we understand our role in not just Noore I'Meles, but as part of the whole world... But we will start with Noore I'Meles.

To that end, and to secure not only peace, but cooperation and trust between our peoples, I am proposing that an Orc, possibly the Explorer sit on the council. Although he will not share in votes deciding on matters concerning the Rodera, he will advise, and inform of Orc opinions, concerns, and needs. This is, I know, a seemingly small step. But, as feelings of both our peoples are not entirely amiable, small steps should ensure a smooth transition towards full cooperation.

Another personal view, which may be discussed with the council, is that an Orc should always stand as sentinel, but that is a wholly different matter, which we shall attend later.

In brief: we are forming a council, and I am officially inviting a representative for the Orc people to sit as adviser to the Roderan Council
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Re: Plans, Plans, Plans

Postby Peter Levy » Mon Feb 27, 2012 4:09 pm

**The spire. A tall, pointed gothic spire. This newly assembled symbol of what Noore I'Meles had once been. Within it, a table. Around the table sit seven Rodera. Standing behind six of them are six more Rodera. In the doorway, a single Orc looms.**

This is it. This our new world. This is our new home. This is our new council.

**Farrek stands, nobody behind, and addresses the thirteen people present. He produces a sword; an ornate, curved, toothed and ancient blade.**

I invoke my right, as bearer of this blade, to call this Council to order.
((Open Ritual Circle rank 150, light and meta))
**The room is filled with light. At first dazzling, the light settles to a soothing, pure glow, lighting up the faces of those gathered around the table. Farrek takes the necklace from his shoulders and holds it out in front of him.**

I have worn these beads my whole life. They were a gift from my father, and are now all that remains of the old council. They have been enchanted by a child of light magic. For our Council to work, we must know our own minds, and not let any external influence interfere. This magic will drive the darkness from our minds, remove the shadows from our thoughts, lift the shroud from our eyes.

**He cuts the string, and the beads fall into the wooden bowl in the centre of the table. A wave of light flows from the falling beads, washing over all those present. They feel a new clarity of thought, a sort of mental freedom.**

Each person around this table has been chosen for their record of service to our people. Each will now announce their name, and briefly, what they have done since the End of Days to help ensure the survival of our people.

I am Farrek Char, a High Mage, light specialist. I am the son of one of the previous Councillors, Talan Farrek, and the bearer of the Rodera Sword. I was part of the group who performed the ritual to establish the domes of protection around the world, having named the Sentinels.

**Farrek Runs a finger along the sword, and lets a single drop of blood fall into the bowl of beads. The Rodera to his left stands, and adjusts his eyepatch slightly. Nervously, he speaks:**

I am Lorax. I am a High Mage, and a Meta specialist. I am a ritualist, and noted particularly for the creation of constructs that assist in manual labour: ploughing fields, constructing buildings, evacuating people when the Glooms approached.

**Lorax runs a finger along the Rodera Sword, and a single drop of blood falls into the bowl. They proceed around the circle, stating their names, and their achievements, and letting a single drop from the blade.**

I am Mogat Kalbez. I am a follower of Lenamo, and an Earth mage. I have been responsible for overseeing a large amount of building work inside the dome. My first priority is always the preservation of life. I established a Crèche to help ensure the survival of the children.

I am Belig Nalden, a Knight. As a follower of Yashmanar, I very much believe that one should ask questions first, shoot later. I believe I have been instrumental in maintaining order in the domes, partly through speaking openly of the problems arising, and their potential solutions.

I am Tolak Dextor, a Light mage. I studied at the Ronas College of Light alongside Farrek Char for a while. I am a voice of reason. As a light mage, I am able to see through deception, and can cut to the heart of matters: as many here can. I am a great one for diplomacy and compromise; I want to please everyone.

I am Nool Skirdrak, a Fire Mage, and have served the Rodera by helping shepherd people away from the Glooms. I have found myself able to linger for longer to help people escape.

I am called Mother Mollal. I am an Arch Celebrant of Firin. My role in society has been that of reassurance that people’s deaths had not been in vain, that their friends and relatives were at peace. To the people of Noore I’Meles, I am calming and a friend.

**Each of the councilors places their right hand into the bowl, and each retrieves a single bead. These tiny faces, carved in bone, will mark them as the Council.**

With these tokens, we are bound. When the Council is called, we will feel it in our blood. If the Council is broken, we will feel it in our hearts. If a member of this Council is in extremis, we will know. With these tokens, we are bound.

**A warm breeze circles through the room, as something of each of the councilors is melded; a new sense of kinship is felt, a new bond and a new understanding.**

But we few cannot shape our world alone. Each Councilor must name a second, a Magistrate, to take our message to the people, and to bring theirs to us. For my Magistrate, I name Rosanki. I am to tread the path of the Nomad, and of the Ambassador. Who better than a fellow Nomad. When he is returned to us, he shall stand as Magistrate.

I name Fralen Ecket

I name Salvik Buchak. Salvik has overseen the running of the Crèche, and assisted in treating diseases

I name Hugruck the Grey, Arch Celebrant of Yashmanar. He has a whole world of knowledge available to him, and has kept a large collection of old texts that he recovered before the end of Days.

I name Glarek, a Ranger, and a follower of Asternia

I name a Bard called Skeener Kratr, a follower of Yashmanar, who divines about the future by improvising song.

I name Rurduck One-Ear, a scout who is a follower of Firin.

**The six who had stood behind those at the table step up to stand beside their Councilors. Farrek places the sword on the table, and closes the ritual.**

Those present here this day are the future of our people. We will rebuild our great nation. But we will not be isolated. We welcome the presence of the Explorer, on behalf of the Orcs. We will rebuild our world shoulder to shoulder. And not just within Noore I'Meles. Our land has stood alone since the dawn of time, but would have fallen if it weren't for the cooperation of all of Velmaneth's peoples. As the whole world rebuilds, we will take our place in it, as neighbours, as allies, as friends.

**The power built up in the room washes out over the land, and for the first time in months, the Rodera feel a sense of peace, of hope, and of purpose.**

**The council set about planning the future.**
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Re: Plans, Plans, Plans

Postby Plot Bot » Tue Mar 06, 2012 12:34 am

**Shuffling into the room comes a small Orc, he steps towards the larger Orc in the doorway and whispers in his ear. The large Orc nods in recognition before waving the smaller Orc away.**

"Farrek, I apologise for this intrusion but there is a gentleman outside who wishes to speak with you. I recognise his name, Lophaetus, he was once sentinel here, but I believe he fell some time ago. He did not state his business, only that if you were the person he was looking for, that you'd already know. What do you wish me to do?"

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