In the center of the protected bubble - Imprisoned again?!

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In the center of the protected bubble - Imprisoned again?!

Postby Ceinwen » Sat Sep 17, 2011 9:44 am

For the first few days she thought with all her strength, she would scream for hours sometimes for her freedom, others in pain and anguish but most often she would scream hysterically about the terrors that lurk in the darkness. When ever she wasn’t screaming she would be throwing herself recklessly against the walls and door in a vain attempt to break through to freedom, these efforts gave her nothing but injuries and most often ended in her unconscious from one too many hits to the head.

Over the next week Setema's screaming grew fainter until it stopped all together and her wild attempts to 'escape?' also ceased as she grew too weak to even stand.


Now she barely moves or speaks at all, she remains in the corner of her cell shivering violently against the bitter cold. Her once sky blue skin is now pale and riddled with cuts and bruises and her frame so thin and fragile looking. She stares into nothingness, her eyes filled with pain, sorrow and regret.

She barely eats..
She barely drinks...
She grows weaker everyday....

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Re: In the center of the protected bubble - Imprisoned agai

Postby Will » Sat Sep 17, 2011 11:02 am

**Her guards, feral and uncompromising, ignore the cries for help. They know that she is in the best place for them, and her... and possibly the world. The area they live in is cruel and harsh, population sparse which as a result means problems of overcrowding are far from serious. These people are used to living in difficult circumstances, they can wait. They can weather it out...**
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