the forgotten army

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the forgotten army

Postby Damiensluman » Fri Dec 02, 2011 4:18 pm

a circle of tents made of fur and hide mark the home of the forgoten army. at its peek it stood over 80 strong now less than 20 servive.
the troops are stood in a large circle clad in think layers of fur holding bone daggeres and knives.
a few of the lager troops have wat appeare to be axes made of bone. 2 of the smaller men have wat appear to be bows made of a large animals rib.
they are sat watching two men who have ditched thare fur and protecshon from the cold and are locked in hand to hand combat. finaly onne rases thare hand and the two men run to there furs.
from one of the tents a woodelf appears and heads to one of the bigger tents he wares a shining metal brestplane over his fur and looks segnifcntly more spektacluer than the others.
he stops just befor entering the tent
my lord may i enter
an opaning apperes in the tent letting a brease of warm air to flow out of it. he enters and the gap qwikly closes behind him.
inside the tent is filled with proud displays of vareas types of amore the tents ownere whold normaly be waring. to one side a winter elf sits behind a small stump of a table beating sum king of hide or skin into hair thin sheets. There is a large grand looking table with a shaddow elf behind it dresed in simple black robes. Stood next to him is a life elf dresed in ratha eligent flowing robes holding onto an eqwly grand staff he is unmistakably some kind of mage. behind them is a grand looking bed with a mureal of a black phinix.
the wood elf gets down on one knee before the shadowelf
My lord Proditor you called for me
the shadow elf bekkoned to the winter elf who handded the woodelf a set of wat appeared to be scrolls made of the hair thin hide rapped around a slither of bone.
I am trusting you with one of my most impotent tasks i need you to go around the dome and find me more men. we are mirly a blip of our fomer glory. a glory i wish to return to you and the otheres are the strongest worries this land has ever seen but thare are time wen numberes win wars. if we are to successfully complete bout my and the phinexis work we will need manny more than we currently do. go go weaver you can spred the word of our camp of me of the phinix and of vara. elf human beastkin...helthy ill i dont care if thare abill to hold a bone dagger then recrut them we can mold them into the proud worriers like us. Go enlist all that you can we need an army ones agen.

Posts: 341
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Re: the forgotten army

Postby Damiensluman » Tue Dec 27, 2011 9:06 pm

the camp is a mass of activty as the men hurridly pull down tents and pack away gear the fight ring has been terend into small fenced pen holding 3 seals. standing next to it proudly in his amore is proditor.
the wood elf who left some days ago harridly enters the camp bowing befor proditor.
my lord you're work is done i have gathered much intrest i shall be reterning shortly to gatha thos who wish to join you
proditor nods and the woodelf rises
my lord what is happaning
proditor terns to face the seals
the dome has grown exsposing new land we are moving the camp to a more sustainable area thare i am intending to begin building substashal living acomidashon as apose to crudly constructed tents. the exspanson of the domes has reveled a small section of frosen lake and the test fishing hole prove it to be well stoked. we are going to bread theas to produse a relyable sores of meat fure and bone.
the woodelf smiles befor bowing agne
lord proditor in our gratest time of need you feed us keeps us warm and now you prosead to lead us onto a new life a better life than anyone chold have wished for
proditor rases his hand stoping the woodelf
that is truly more prase than i deserv.
i mearly hear doing the phinxis work this prase belongs to him

and yet it is you that stands hear alown in the cold a bekon of light in the darkness if the phinix truly cared whold we have not heard word by now. even befor the domes were made the phinix cared not to aid us none from his cort has come to our aid we have been alowen left to rot it is you my lord who has been the bekon of light in the darknes of this land
ones agane proditors hand rasis stopping the woodelf mid flow.
you are spekking out of tern i will have nomore of this
the woodelf bows agane
sorry my lord
in the rising of the new day our new land shall rise a grate city
you shall help us move then bring those you have poseaded to our case to jone us to me.

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