Extinguished Fire

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Extinguished Fire

Postby Dark Flight » Tue Oct 18, 2011 9:28 pm

~~The Cultists moved towards the Sentinel. From the darkness they watched, seeking their opportunity to strike. Looking down on the guard, they weighed up their chances, tried to judge their moment. For days they had been planning this assult, a chance to bring down one of the domes that thwarted their lords master plan. A swift strike and Serke Kemi would fall entirely.~~

"In Velnashar's name let us strike this unholy dome down!"

~~The call rang out. The charge started. A lonely charge. The lone cultist faltered and turned. As his life was extinguished by a speeding throwing star, he turned in time to see a shadow fading into the darkness, and the rest of his group lying dead on the ground~~
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