Time, For Change

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Time, For Change

Postby The Chosen » Mon May 28, 2012 12:04 am

A figure does not pace through the houses of the Island's small town, carefully opening and closing doors so as not to disturb the people that sleep in them, locked in nightmare. He is almost invisible in the starless night, an enveloping black robe and black mask make him a patch of shadow within the dark.

A locus approached. A chance for change. In this future, there would be a competition - but such a limited competition. Petty. It would need more, to become as large as it could be.

He walks to an office, dusty with misuse. Around a desk, where a man sleeps uncomfortably. He does, does not, peer at this human in his red tabard - looking not at him, but at what he is not.

Here and now, Inigo Jones did not have a soul. But that was not the way it could have gone. Inigo Jones died, trying to get to the shrine of Despair, but the glooms were too many and he was overwhelmed. Inigo Jones never became a merchant, so captivated by a play as a young boy that he joined a troupe. Inigo Jones, killed by his jealous lover two years ago in a fit of pique and poisoned wine. Inigo Jones, a teacher of the study of natural forces and the logical science of numbers to teenagers.

It was coincidence, chance, a gossamer-thin barrier that stopped these things being true. With enough power, what was true could be changed, warped, rewritten. The figure looked down, searching for the right one...

There. Inigo Jones survived the glooms in a world where Despair had never been created. And had recently found some old research regarding his own ritual circle, potentially very profitable...
Watched by this dark figure, Inigo Jones gets up, but also remains dreaming on the floor. For an instant there are two humans, but then the illusion is shattered as the one standing begins to fade, becoming transparent.

This does not stop the transparent figure picking up a quill and writing though. He writes for a minute, signs, and then dissapears. The quill falls to the table, through a hand that no longer exists. As Inigo Jones snores, the figure in black robes picks up the freshly written document and walks out.

The Chosen

Re: Time, For Change

Postby The Chosen » Mon May 28, 2012 12:16 am

The next day, out of habit, a clerk walks into his office and checks his desk, counts the cash, as he has done for years. He gave himself to Despair months ago, but still he technically works for Inigo Trading and so goes through the motio-
...that was odd. There was something to be sent out, sitting in the OUT tray. Just like the old days. How - WHERE - did that come from? He picks it up and reads it. It had the right signature - but how was that possible? Wasn't Mr Jones currently-

He becomes aware of someone in front of him. A black mask.

That letter was never here.

He blinks. He's standing at the other side of the office, with no memory of how he got there. Also, holding a stamp. He rubs his eyes and blinks again. How odd. Still, nothing to do in the office, just as usual...

The Chosen

Re: Time, For Change

Postby The Chosen » Mon May 28, 2012 12:31 am

The InIgo Trading company set up a network of offices all around the world, for communication purposes years ago. Though the world has changed so much, the network still worked...and very recently a poster had been circulated, highest priority - with Inigo Jones' signature and a stamp from Central Office back on the Island. At its request, a poster had been put all over the cities that could be reached.

Heroes Wanted

The Inigo Trading company is looking for Heroes to help in a research project and for guard duties. 25 Rava per person per day is offered. Any capable Heroes are welcome. For more information, please come to our Centre of Trade on the Colourful Island.


Inigo Jones.

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