a new life

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a new life

Postby Damiensluman » Mon Jun 18, 2012 4:41 pm

a few yards from the temple to all gods a human is putting the fineshing toches on a basic hut.
he fineshes and walks into the temple bowing befor the shrine to varea.
my lord i kneel befor you as but a servent to your grace may you bless me with the guidence and the strength to put my life befor otheres in the name of protecshon. My those who suffer be delivered to santiary. in your name I renew my vow
i am exspndble and i stand befor the shrin of protecshon and vow to serve to protect and aid those in danger regardles of the thret to my life.

he then stands and walks to a unused area of the temple.
he lays out a colerful blanket on it he lays a old mace and he then lays out a set of candels and insens wich he lights.
finaly he bows befor it
simon thisel you truly understand the meaning of nightmares and finaly you have understood the meaning of dreams. Truly thare is none better to have become god of dreams. In your name i dedicate this shrine may it be the fist of manny and may you bless my dreams tonight.
this island has blessed us bouth with a new life

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