Island restored, Island changed.

For In Character events on the small island where the plantmen known as Brocklings originate

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Island restored, Island changed.

Postby Huw » Tue Jun 19, 2012 1:10 pm

In the Shrine to All Gods, the new Pilgrim, Sentinel of the Colourful Island, adressess the assembled people of the Island.

- or, rather, the survivors. Fully half of the Island's people had been killed by invisible blows, from a fight some were not even aware of. Those who had avoided the indiscriminate violence were shaken; no-one in this small community had not lost someone. A loved one. A friend. Tree-people hiding in the forest had been felled, children sleeping struck down. Inigo Jones, released finally from his cell beneath the Island, sits unsteadily on a bench and cradles his broken arm.

Despair has taken so much from us. We gave in, gave ourselves over to him, and allowed this to happen. Despair only breeds more despair; only through hope, and through our faith could we defend ourselves. We must remeber this day, remeber what giving such power to one such being has cost us. We-

She stops. Something outside...


Ancalimon sifts through months of dust, looking at what remained of his shop, his daughter's hand clasped in his. The followers of Despair had looted it first, taking the potions they could use and destroying most of the others - and then games of "Danger Alchemy" had dealt with the rest. But most of the ingredients were still viable, and there was enough equipment to set up a new lab. Upstairs was an undead plant he had found a month ago; once the rest of the house was livable, he could get back to research.

He walked towards the stairs - but first, unexpectedly, figures outside...


One lone figure walks towards the ashes of the Shrine to Despair, falls to his knees.
They had been so close to establishing the Father's Bastion - how had it gone so disastrously wrong? He weeps into the ahses, praying, not wanting to, but hoping, for some small artefact, some sign from his god that He still exists here. He begins to search feverishly, thowing aside charred remains, faster, faster-

There. Outside the shrine. Was that people teleporting?


Before any of these things can be finished, refugees start to appear. Elves, wounded soldiers and civilians alike, appear in waves, panicked and scared. There is little order, and most people mill in confusion.
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