Flash (Aaah-aaah, Saviour of the Universe) Arrives

For In Character events on the small island where the plantmen known as Brocklings originate

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Flash (Aaah-aaah, Saviour of the Universe) Arrives

Postby Thom » Wed Jun 20, 2012 10:01 pm

Flash arrives on the Colourful Isle, a little distance from the throng of Elves, the refugees who have also been evacuated. With him, The Royal guard who teleported him. The Guard now stands passively awaiting further instructions.

The Coshwood runs his hand through his much shorter hair. He wears on him the evidence of the recent battle. His armour, not usually worn, is in rags in places, in others recently repaired. His skin is not glowing faintly, but is dulled by dirt and blood. There is a large chunk of wood hacked from his shield, which has since been dropped onto the floor from his shoulder. On his sword arm, the remnants of earthen armour is slowly disappearing.

He crumples to the floor, leaning his back against a large rock, breathing heavily. "So many... So many Elves gone... "

A very long way away, A loud banging noise is heard. The ground beneath the elves rumbles slightly.

"Warryn! Find out where Warryn landed... If he landed..."

The High elf leaps into action and begins chanting meta magic incantations of inquiry.

"...And the Phoenix King" Flash adds. The image of his Earth elf brother fighting on the front line are still fresh on his mind, as are the details of the battle he has just fought. Every Undead who was destroyed, every elf that had fallen under Flash's command. Every single spell the Light elf had cast. The storms of Magic, ripping at the undead flesh of his foes; the sunrays, one after another, cast to try and slow the advance of the monsters coming towards the Elf Line. So many times Flash had moved lightning fast to drag his injured comrades from harms way, but even at speeds incomprehensible to the undead, his essence had drained fast, and for every elf he pulled from danger, two more fell to sword blows or death magicks.

"Please, wake me when you find them" He mutters, and does not wait for a reply, as he falls into a deep meditation, and his skin slowly starts to light up.

lews wright
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Re: Flash Arrives

Postby lews wright » Thu Jun 21, 2012 11:11 am

In the distance a heavily armoured human can be seen watching the camotion.
His shield newly polished in his left hand and his sword drawn in his right.

He does not move a muscle just watches the elves and enjoys their sad and troubled souls.


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Re: Flash Arrives

Postby Thom » Thu Jun 21, 2012 7:02 pm

Some time later, perhaps a little longer than expected, the guard returns. He shakes Flash's shoulder gently, reverently. The Coshwood's eyes flick open.

"You found Warryn?"
"Yes, my Lord"

Flash rises to his feet, a little groggily.

"Lead the way..."

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Re: Flash (Aaah-aaah, Saviour of the Universe) (Aaah-aaah, S

Postby Luke » Fri Jun 22, 2012 2:12 am

A high elf leads Flash to Warryn's resting place.

Right this way sir... what was your name again? I am a knight you see and can only call people by their true names. Otherwise it is lying. Masonil, Warryn to you is also feeling delirious and will only respond if people use their true names. Also D'arven wants you to sigh this

He hands over a sheet of paper, it is an account book for all of Flash's expenditure.

That's a legal document that is, if you just sign and print your REAL name on the dotted line that would be excellent.

They arrived at the tent, there was a ward on the tent flap.

Oh yes, we have warded the tent so that only certain people can get through, if you'd like to tell me your name I can add you to the acceptance list.

Leaving the Coshwoods alone the cunning Dakron High Elf spy creeps off into the shadows maniacly laughing and loudly exclaiming his master plan complete with ''you'll never stop me!!'''s and ''it's all too late to save the children!'''s.

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