In Blood and Hope

For In Character events on the small island where the plantmen known as Brocklings originate

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In Blood and Hope

Postby Dellam » Thu Jun 21, 2012 12:23 pm

At last the Cadre had arrived, his own soldiers plus a few extra bodies sent primarily for the search for Inglebert but now currently being used to expand his numbers. Where once it had been himself and his five now he had 20 souls under his wing, so to speak. They had only been on the island a day but he had used that time to put them through their paces, they were larkants after all, they could take it or fall by the way side. What was more important was getting them ready for heavier combat duty, for fighting the Soulless or whatever else came along before or after them. Of course he had a hand in that but he also had his seconds working on it as well, dispensing their own knowledge and strengths to enhance whatever they could. He wished he had more time to do it all, wished he didn't have to be near brutal...but the world wasn't going to wait for them to be ready so the more that got done the better.

There was of course also the issue of Ingy as well, a fact that was never far from his thoughts. Neffekeffen may be gone but that didn't stop his brain working overtime at night where he and the others had overtaken the camp previously erected by the Merc boys. He wondered if his friend was watching them, if there was any way back for him...but the Lady of Blood believed there was hope for him and so he would push through and find him, try to draw him back to the light. Dellams conviction was strong and from it his closest drew their strength, a fact which would show given time. For now he watched his people train, hope as much in his heart as any other on the island...perhaps bar one.
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