Another call to arms!

For In Character events on the small island where the plantmen known as Brocklings originate

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Another call to arms!

Postby Sproglet » Thu Jun 21, 2012 6:42 pm

Notes start to be posted all over the island and messengers travel across the land carrying the same words.

'To those of you who have sought refuge here but who wish to continue the battle General Uthred calls you to battle!'

'The soulless will be stopped at Ingolé! General Uthred request the aid of every man willing to hold a blade in defences of the living!'

We will not surrender the mainland! It will be held! All who would fight an not just give up are welcome!'

'Report to The Emperors Head Tavern in Ingolé if you have the heart an fire in you to say NO MORE!'
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