Quayle Relaxes... Briefly

For In Character events on the small island where the plantmen known as Brocklings originate

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Quayle Relaxes... Briefly

Postby Will » Sat Jun 23, 2012 5:59 pm

**Quayle settles down in his home, exhausted after an exceedingly taxing day. So much essence, so much danger. But worst of all... so much power on the side of the Soulless. What hope did they really have? This was just one of their armies, and they had the help of... well, he had never seen such a powerful artefact. It decimated.... 80 feet in a globe of land... not even a Yeetas had done such a thing. And... well, he wasn't upset about the Undead but... to be able to kill that much...

A movement caught the corner of his eye. Turning wearily, a bedraggled peasant was clear in the room before him. He looked very timid, a bit scared.**

"Can I help..." Quayle started but stopped as he caught his breath as a sharp pain pierced his side. Looking down, the unmistakable sight of Pure Shard in his side, and the uncomfortable feeling of his essence being cut away from him. A pain in his head was the last thing he felt before the world went dark.**
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