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Postby Will » Mon Aug 01, 2011 10:11 am

**It had been a rather difficult week for Velmaneth. After the initial elation at the return of Lenanuki and the resulting couple of days of excess peace and tranquillity, things swiftly turned sour.

It started small. Rumour that the Glooms had returned, which most laughed off. Then word came that Lenamo's sanctuary had fallen, and people were less certain in their safety.

As more and more people began to believe as the witness of their own eyes slowly turned complacency to terror, the true extent of the problems was realised.

In Noore I'Meles, an emergency meeting of the Roderan council was wiped out as Glooms invaded their meeting halls. Turning to an inexperienced young genius and his armies of constructs, they managed to muster some small measure of defence, and their people were able to retreat into a small area of safety. The Orcs in particular were devastated as their caves were invaded and their people driven out. The fate of the Goblins was unheard. And in the mighty mountain city of Fikiawe, long thought unassailable, the Glooms descended. The Avians were found, mostly dead. Hope remained that some escaped, but to where?

In Sinya Palurin the disparate groups of humans roamed in disarray. Amongst the madness a voice was heard, that of the Order of the Pure Heart. The Heroes were blamed, their actions called into question. Violent and extreme acts of destruction were committed against the Heroes, even as they fought to save what they could. Only Ingolé mustered a semi decent defence against the encroaching darkness.

In the Frozen North, Midari and Winter Elf considered themselves un affected. The lack of life gave little attraction to the Glooms. Their Sentinel, Setema, remained sealed away.

In the Heartlands the ritual to protect the lands held strong and the Glooms were held back. Erathil mustered his forces and sought to protect his people. Mourne Mountain erupted, driving the Black Shirikan into the forests, and possibly to extinction. The resistance sought to take advantage of the disarray, but failed. As the Cult of Eremine invaded and Jasdu showed that he was no longer in control whilst wielding awesome forces of destruction and creation in equal measure, Erathil was forced into a battle which was to have dire consequences.

Gweria, with it's vast population of creatures unconcerned by the Glooms, saw the rise of a new movement. The Soulless, who proclaimed that they were to inherit the world, shaping the future of Velmaneth in their image. Hoopa and the City of Varya remain unheard from.

Draconis Tielvar showed it's resilience, perhaps protected by the might of the Dragons, or maybe from the strength of the leader of a new settlement. A man by the name of Gaflin.

Serke Kemi, with their limited resistance to the supernatural fared better, but it was clear that, in the same manner as the Demons of the past, the Glooms of the present would win the war of attrition.

In the Colourful Isle, Despair reigned. The birth place of this fledgling God saw rise to new power as the inhabitants willingly gave up their souls in an attempt to save themselves.

Arnad Gaurhoth saw some of the most dramatic changes. Within a few days of the destruction starting, the Cloudlit Realm, thought by many to be a myth, descended from the skies and crashed heavily into the landscape, tearing up massive chunks of the earth. A new race, named the Under Dwellers, possessing powers of the mind were released. The other inhabitants were silenced and scared.

And in the south, the scorching heat of the desert was quenched by a sand storm of previously unheard proportions. The Silent Ones sought to protect their lands with ritual magic to hold back the Glooms, but at the expense of the safety of the other inhabitants of their lands.

Throughout, whispers of a group fighting back to save the world raised spirits across the lands. A selection of Heroes with a plan brought hope to many. Travelling the world through a series of gateways, and rumours that the Sentinels were to rise and save the people.

Then, on the 30th day, of the 7th month of the 161st year, it happened. Where once there had been many, now there seemed a hundred more. A surge of darkness blanketed the lands, extinguishing much of the life that had survived the initial rush. The defences of the Heartlands toppled and the Elves died in droves as their faith in their power proved their undoing. Constructs failed, rituals dropped, the hopes of the world came crashing down.

But then power erupted from specific places. Or more accurately, people. The Sentinels, newly appointed and positioned suddenly found themselves at the centre of a bubble of calm and safety. The Glooms were driven back, and in 11 small areas across Velmaneth the people who had gathered in hope around the Sentinels were saved.

11 small areas, circles of protection, 2 miles in diameter, give or take. Within which clustered the survivors of the apocalypse.

Thus a new world was born.
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