New Ingolé

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New Ingolé

Postby Plot Bot » Thu Nov 24, 2011 6:48 am

A few weeks ago, those who lived in the south of the city had been relocated from their homes to other building across the city. Over the past few weeks, the houses had been taken down and the materials used to build a large wooden barricade, taller than the surrounding buildings, that spread around a huge area. People muttered and whispered about what it could possibly be for especially when great stone watchtowers were erected around the structure.

However, most had more important issues on their minds, food was becoming scarce and the price seemed to go up every day. The glooms had come before the harvest, supplies had already been low and many shops, inns and restaurants had been forced to close and were now boarded up or used as makeshift accommodation. There were many stories of people fighting or even killing over food and rumours abounded of people going missing and nearby at night the smell of meat roasting... Something had to be done.

Then, one night, The Telerfet army filled the streets of Ingolé. They went house by house, street by street waking people and giving them just a couple of minutes to dress and pack any personal possessions before being lead off to the barricade. Those who refused to go were arrested and dragged there kicking and screaming...or worse but eventually the city was eerily empty. Within the barricade people sat around small fires, wrapped in blankets as the soldiers stood guard, ready for action. Atop the barricades bows scanned the crowd just waiting for trouble. Throughout the night and the following day, scribes went around taking name, age, race, profession and dozens of other pieces of information performing a full census of Ingolé. When someone had been processed, their hand would be marked and they would be led off to another holding pen within the barricade to await whatever was in store for them.

Outside the barricade, the Telerfret army searched houses and businesses, collecting food, drink and any other useful items the previous inhabitants had stockpiled. Everything was taken to the barracks where it would be stored, rationed and distributed. The shanty towns of crude shacks that had sprung up in the past few months were dismantled along with other buildings that had been there decades, their entire contents moved into other buildings creating communal living areas out of private houses. The idea was simple: crime and looting had increased because people assumed that others were hiding things behind closed doors, by removing the concept of private property society could function during the crisis.

Eventually the population of Ingolé, of Sinya Palurin, was counted, categorised and released, the soldiers leading them to their new billets.

A new Ingolé was born.

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Re: New Ingolé

Postby Dom » Thu Nov 24, 2011 11:23 am

Looking out of windows in the university, Sylas watched on. People would complain, they would blame him for the cruelty. But when this was over they would thank him. More lives had been saved this way, and that was the important thing.

As the light was failing he turned away from the window and lit a candle on his desk, picking up the book he had left there, he found his place. Absentmindedly reaching to a wooden bowl brimming with ripe red apples. He took one and had a bite.
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