Bubbly Bubbly, so damn Bubbly.

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Bubbly Bubbly, so damn Bubbly.

Postby Will » Mon Dec 19, 2011 12:22 pm

**Around the world a surge of power pushes at the boundaries of the bubbles. Slowly at first, then more swiftly, they begin to expand, pushing back the hordes of Glooms. In minutes each bubble has gone from a 1 mile radius to 3. The shocked inhabitants rejoice and move into the devastated landscape. Not much is left there. But, the spirit of the survivors is strong and the process of rebuilding begins. It's a small step forward, but the first step forward in months.

Alongside this, the houses in each bubble, those linked to the realm of torment, open their doors. People begin to move freely from one bubble to the other. The feeling of pain, horror... that stays. But practically, things move forward.

High above and down below, eyes of flame and rage look upon these developments, and glare.**
Saga 2015 will be entirely celebrating and drinking with nothing bad happening and no bad guys showing up at all ever

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