9 Lives gone

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9 Lives gone

Postby Erynion » Tue Dec 06, 2011 11:01 pm

A blue feline beastkin is walking down lonely path on his way to Gemini Village. This is a path that he is use to walking but the day is dark and there are no birds in the tree. The feline is on edge and very causious but hoping when he arrives at Gemini Village he can workout whats happening.

When he arrives its like a ghost town. Completely confused he climbs the highest tree and ponders what could have happened. After a while he climbs down and has a look around. He sees someone in the distance and shouts out to them but he is left with his voice echoing around him.

Then suddenly it dawns on him

Im dead, I wasn't fast enough, how could he have caught me

He was frozen on the spot.

Oh no. All those men I have led to their death, will they be waiting for me?

(Although not the one who actually killed the men, Cato was used to steal from good men so they would chase him and would fall into a trap where they would all be killed, then Cato and his brothers would steal from them. Cato was the fastest and most agile so he was always the one to get the mens attention as they wouldnt catch him)

Cato looks down, on the floor beside him sits a blue orb. He bends over and picks it up.

The orb, I died because of it, whats it doing in the Hopewaste.

He notices something or someone approaching him through the dark.

Cato stands waiting to see who it is, holding the orb close, knowing if he needs to he could be up the tree again or running off into the distance in a second.
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