The Bastion Falls... again

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The Bastion Falls... again

Postby Will » Mon Dec 19, 2011 12:31 pm

**A grey robed figure approaches the Bastion. Over the past two days a stream of people have been leaving, fleeing in the face of Annihilation. The Yeetas ploughs on, moving through defences as though they did not exist.

Building after building crumbles, tumbles. The inhabitants who refused to leave... they just... cease to exist.

The city lies not in ruins. There are no flames, no fires. Just... nothing.

It moves slowly, methodically. Pulling things to pieces, learning with each Annihilation.

Finished with it's work it stands, and looks upon it's.... destruction**
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Re: The Bastion Falls... again

Postby Phil.Priest » Thu Dec 22, 2011 1:06 am

Eyes full of sorrow watched as scores of people streamed along in front. The Blades of the Bright Dawn were spread far too thin, but they protected as much as they could. It would not be the last time that The Emissary of Hope would wish that Her paladin was with them still.

Hunger moved with the refugees whilst watching the Bastion fall many miles away, his heart grieved for those who chose to stay and meet an unknown fate instead of meeting the hardship of the Hopewastes. Once in a while a child or other innocent would appear next to him as they were removed from the Bastion before the onslaught of the Yeetas, they were generally the ones that had a change of mind at the last moment.

After seeing the Inner Sanctum of the Bastion utterly wiped from existence the lone Tiste Liosan’s eyes cleared and took in the view of the migrants, they had many miles to cover and with General Runebreaker’s army and the other factions in the area the column was unlikely to move unhindered.

His Path had changed over the years. From a simple mage to a High Priest. From a Life Elf to one of Hope’s Angels. From Mortal to Demi God of the Hopewastes. From non-combatant to wielding the Light to harm their foes... when did the last one become ingrained into what he is now? Ah yes. The Sentinels. Whatever it takes to accomplish the task.

The former Life Elf is brought out of his reminiscing by a clash of steel and a scream... a group were attacking the middle. Slavers? Bandits? Pure Heart? It didn’t matter anymore. The Blades of the Bright Dawn were holding their own despite being out numbered, time for the Storm to join the frey.

With a crack of Lightening the High Priest of Hope moves in the blink of an eye to the fight, unseen wind blows his hair and lightening crackles around him as he moves, avoiding blow after blow. A spear of Light appears in his hand as he joins with his Church to defend the masses.

He may not be a warrior, but he holds his own, his agile nature imbued by the Storm causes him to avoid unseen strikes and assists him in riposting faster than usual. One of the Blades went down and as his attacker went for a killing blow magic whipped around him, holding him in place and a flickering of silver undid the wounds to all of his allies.

As quick as it started the fight ended, no loses for those of the Bastion this time... but they could not keep this up forever.

A head count took place and the people continued their journey. Someone was missing. A simple divination later and Hunger’s eyes again sought the horizon and watched Lophiatus move toward his goal. Hunger’s voice drifted over the wastes and into the elves ears, “Go with our blessings and seek out your brother. Tell him what has happened here. He is needed in the living, should the fates allow I will join him there again soon. Be safe.

The scouts reported back and the rear of the refugees soon came into a bustling camp in a defendable gorge of the north of what would be Gweria’s coast. Although they were already dead and did not need rest it would do their morale good to talk and socialise briefly.

Kalist moved through the camp, talking to people. Hunger he could not be. It was his nature to Comfort people, not torture them. Kan Slarr would not be pleased when he and his hundreds of refugees arrived. It would, perhaps, spur the Vampire to begin taking control of the ‘Wastes once more instead of letting them become one huge battleground as they had recently.

Time would tell...
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