An idea...

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An idea...

Postby Edd » Tue Dec 27, 2011 11:37 pm

He thought. Ah, this was consciousness. He'd forgotten what it was like to exist. Life? No, he was dead. Or was he? What was he. An image floated into his mind. A man, with curly hair and a green tabbard over chainmail. No, that was not him. That was Quayle. A human. He wasn't human. What was he. Consciousness faded.

At some point later, he regained aware thought. Another image. An elf, tall, with a large shield and wavy blade, surrounded by magic. Nope, he still wasn't him, that was Dar'van. A high elf. He was a high elf, just not that high elf. Who was he? He had to think. He held his head in his, he didn't, there wasn't a head, or hands to hold it. He had to remember who he was, what he looked like...then darkness took him.

He thought again. Another image. Another elf, this one was shorter, with a beard and hard gaze. A sheathed sword and an image in the background. A flaming bird. A phoenix. A crown. The Phoenix King. Erathil. This was also not him...but it was close. He wasn't a Phoenix. "Not yet" the King's voice echoed through his memory. He was just a child....a child? A baby? A....Fledgling?

It all came back to him, and with the strength of his mind he remembered who he was, what he looked like. Finally he had eyes to open, hands to hold, he felt the comfortable armour on his shoulders, and feet he created touched the ground.

Fledgling looked around. He was about three steps away from where he started. He looked at the sky, trying to judge the time. It had been seconds, or maybe a minute that he'd been gone. It felt like longer. He turned back to the other elf of Yashmanar he'd met in the Hopewastes.

"So yes, Cullain, it does seem it's possible to have the mind dissolve the body and reform it..."

The young elf was learning more and more about his powers, but without the Phoenix King's guidance, it was hard to learn more and discover new uses for his mind. His plan was still in motion. Find some feathers for Kann Slarr. Shouldn't be too hard...right? As soon as he made it to the meeting place, he'd find out....
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