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Not dead yet

Postby Damiensluman » Wed Dec 28, 2011 2:51 am

Tom lay in the grass throwing his bag violently agents a tree
Wow you are s**t sentinel
Tom grabbed for his bag several items fell from it Wichita Tom choldent be bothered to adknolage he roots around in the bag finally pulling out a hipflask he takes a swig and thros the bag away it's contes now spred on the floor around him.
I think the enotend one having of day wen you made sentinel
He took another swig
Why me
And you think alcohol will help this
He took another swig
Home is behind,
The world ahead,
And thare are manny paths to tred

A tear roles down toms face
Thro shaddow,
To the edge of night,
Until the stares are all alight
Mist and shaddow
Cloud and shade
All shall fade
Alll... Shalll... Fade...

He take another swig
land of bare and land of egal
land that that gave us both and blessing
Hear our singging hear our longing

Toms tone falls slower and more deprest as the song hose on
We will go home across the Moutan
We will go home
We will go home
We will go home , across the mouton
Land of hero land ledgend
Land that gave us myth and memory's
Hear our singging hear our longing
We will go home
We will go home
We will go home , across the mouton

As he sung theas words they started to gently Eco thro his head
I'll never make it home
Cores they will Tom code were not dead yet
As the echoing inside his head gets louder Tom looks to his stuff on the ground next to him being drawn to a pipe he looks at or intreaged
I belev you can
He picks the pipe up holding it tight in his Clawr Moments later his eyes are drawn to a sheet of paper he sits ther lifless staring at the two objets
Looks like I've still got work to do befor I rest
Suddenly full of the energy of an exsited chiled he grabs his things and begins stuffing them back into his bag singing dangersly loud and suddenly full of joy
Wen the land is thare before us we have gone home acros the mouton
We have gone home
We have gone home
We have gone home , across the mouton

You see were not yet dead
His things now gathered he gets up and runs into the Distenc
Atleast not for now...

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