Sad days

A place to post stories from the 30th day of Julius 161: the day the Glooms enveloped Velmaneth decimating the population

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Sad days

Postby Litzana » Thu Oct 06, 2011 12:45 am

Life was good in Ingolé, the Gryffin-girl reflected as she lounged lazily in a tree. Shinies everywhere, nice people and all the food she could eat! Well, not so much lately, which was why she and her other half were out here in the woods. Dak had taken her out hunting, which generally involved hhim telling her very firmly 'Stay.' in a clearing in the forest somewhere and going off on his own, usually returning with two bloody daggers and a big furry thing slung over his shoulders.

Well, that was okay with her. She usually sat in a tree and took potshots at the local wildlife with her arrows.
She gave a little rumbling purr as she remembered killing a rabbit once and Dak praising her. She loved it when he did that, after all it didn't happen often. Most of the time he was disappointed with her, for some reason.

Her tail idly slapped against the tree she sat in, as she set an arrow to her bow and looked around for things to shoot.

And that's when the first little animal rushed past her. She raised her bow-
And animals started to stampede past in a wave of fur and sweat and fear, making the tree shake and almost dislodging her from her branch.

She felt a little nugget of fear start to grow. What was going on? Surely Dak should be back by now? Why were all the little fuzzies running away... in fear? Surely Dak hadn't managed to upset the entire forest?

She climbed to the top of the tree and stuck her head out of the foliage, hoping to see what spooked everything.
And then she saw it. A tide of black on the horizon, growing nearer and nearer with each passing second.
What was it? She didn't know. But she could feel in her gut that it was bad. Very bad.
Where was Dak?

She quickly descended the tree, stowing her bow and the arrow in her quiver as she did. She wouldn't need them while she was running.

Looking around, she spotted the direction Dak had gone in when he'd set out earlier. She needed to go and find him and tell him, this was bad...
And she started running, long, loping strides. That's when she heard him crashing through the undergrowth a little ways ahead. She knew it was him. No-one could smash through stuff like her brother!

But he smelt terrified. And she was a little scared, too. What was going on?
"Ka!" His voice from... just over there. "Move! Run! This way!"
She ran to his voice. "What happening?" She said, her voice scared.
"Just run!
And they did. She risked a glance behind, to see what they were runninf from, and saw them- black things with no faces, tons and tons of them. A little ways behind, but catching up quick.
"What they?" She asked between breathless gasps, sweat running down her beak.
And so the duo ran, like never before, barely keeping ahead of the black tide.
And then Ka began to tire.
She slowed, and the black things caught up a little, and she felt it- a horrible draining that sucked at her very soul.

And then she fell.
Less talking, more stabbing!
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