Final stands

A place to post stories from the 30th day of Julius 161: the day the Glooms enveloped Velmaneth decimating the population

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Final stands

Postby Niamh » Wed Dec 14, 2011 7:04 pm

When the boy had arrived at the edge of the village, panting and crying about dark figures which killed from the inside out, Myra hadn’t hesitated. She grabbed her axe, and she ran in the direction from which the boy had come. There was an unearthly screaming, and she quailed, but continued to run, pulling her beard to her face, breathing heavily, limbs burning with exertion. Then she saw them. A crowd of dark figures, grouped around a family, who lay collapsed on the ground. One of the humans, a woman, relaxed her grip on a small blanket wrapped, squalling bundle. Myra screamed.

“I’m behind you!”

She ran at them, brandishing her axe, but with every step she grew weaker, and she fell.

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