The Knight's Final Stand

A place to post stories from the 30th day of Julius 161: the day the Glooms enveloped Velmaneth decimating the population

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The Knight's Final Stand

Postby Phil.Priest » Fri Jan 13, 2012 2:21 pm

After months of toil Fort Drake was suitably defended and in a position to cause disruptions to the Elves should they choose to make a move north of Pathway into Sinya Palurin.

Dias had beenassigned as the commander of the fort, despite the fact that all of the Asternian's were elsewhere, either assisting in Mahtar or at the fort protecting the frontier from Gweria in the hope of living upto the Knights of Mektar's previous standards.

Fort drake was always a tense place following the takeover of Pathway, those stationed there at the behest of the Harans knew they would only be able to delay the march of the elves, not prevent it fully. Still, many volunteered for the place - if the humans were to get Pathway back their position was vital.

Nearly a year later an uneasy peace had settled, not enough to cause open trade or any kind of socialising, but a ceasefire non the less. Probably because no one wanted to talk to the elves and the elves were self sufficient in the Heartlands to remain where they were for the time being.

The Watch Bell sounds three times. Its signal simple: Fort Drake is under attack.

Those off duty quickly rush to their armouries and those on duty wonder why the attack comes from the North - their own lines... the Fort's within Pathway are quiet, have been for almost a day, as if they knew something and had retreated into the Heartlands.

Shouts go up, the attack is from all quarters. Glooms.

Into the fray Sir Dias moves quickly, non of them equiped to handle these creatures. He shouts to a nearby sergeant to begin evacuating the fort "If the stationed Mages could get them to Martar, head there. Otherwise head south, surrender and seek safe passage if the elves are in safety."

A dozen, a score... he looses count of how many offer to stay to allow the others to leave. He would allow them, they wanted to do the honourable thing - who was he to deny a man his honour.

Eventually Sir Dias stands alone in the doorway of Fort Drake. The Altar dedicated to Time glows in recognition of one who vowed to protect it many months ago.

His magic was depleted, but not exhausted. His mouth filled with dust, his nose with the stench of death. Yet he felt invigorated. A nod toward Time's altar and a prayer to his Lady he prepared himself for the final fight.

Knowing he could only stand against twenty Glooms for barely a second he removes a small hourglass from his pouch, this would give the last group that he could hear upstairs time to get away.

Crushing the glass in his gauntlet a white light covers his form, he could feel the love from Asternia and knowing he had pleased her he moved into the courtyard to keep the Glooms at bay for his final minutes. What was unexpected was the glow of his blade as he struck out, it was slightly purple and it seemed to harm the damn creatures.

Striking out Dias caused as much harm he could. He moved his shield to block, more out of habit than need. His sword blurs through the black creatures, as they meet their end the bodies vanish in a streak of black suffocating smoke.

If the other group hadn't gotten away they would be dead shortly. Hopefully someone had alerted the cities.

The glow surrounding him falters. He stops fighting. His sword raises to the sky and his voices echoes over the Glooms and over Fort Drake.

"For Asternia, For the Light and For the Human Empire!"

With his final shout Sir Dias Wevyen, Knight-Champion of Asternia and Knight Commander of Fort Drake, succombs to his death. Aided by the gift from Time and the horde of Glooms that had descended upon the world... he would never find out why they had come, or by whose hand. He would never care, for in death he went into the arms of his Lady.

And never looked back.
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