Remnants of brighter days

A place to post stories from the 30th day of Julius 161: the day the Glooms enveloped Velmaneth decimating the population

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Remnants of brighter days

Postby Rebecca » Sat Mar 17, 2012 7:28 pm

Through the tangled woods a beam of sunlight slipped aslant, glinting along the blade of a great longsword. Planted tip-down in the clay of a riverbed, it shone unalterable. A little further, the fine bones of a high elven woman could just about be seen, slowly sinking into the mud where the owner of the sword had fallen. Her soul all but destroyed, she had dropped, unconscious, to drown in the shallows, the silver waters welling over her unheeding as they murmured past her gilded mask.

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