oh god

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oh god

Postby Galdor Mithr » Mon Nov 17, 2014 12:50 am

in a fire fight...
when your the only man there to think...
with some mothers son life in your hands...
when your the only man there to think "what if we dont get out of this one" cos your the only one to think that you the only one who has time cos evrey one around you if not fighting is reloding fixing dealing with bad kit dealing with a mate on the floor still smiling as thay pack gors in to a hole in his cheast or arm or leg

this time only one to think about the medic a young guy blood on his hands and face and half way up one arm maby came from a jym first aid teem to the army i meen who can blame him a few first aid corses and a few hundred bad caces a few things you thought you would never forget a missing finger a craked skull lots of blood so he sined up and he thort that most of the stuff would never happund to him it never dos its always the guy siting next to you that takes the drop right? but he finds him self looking at a sargent with a m16 the look of death on his face knowing that if he makes it out of this hes more than a man you wach him white in the face paching up some one younger than him younger than him but still some how smileing and smokeing as a bad contact plays out around him 11 others asking for help you wach him move on to a frag victim number 10 of day one of contact one and you see his face as he and you at the same time know that this one may not get out

looking around to see some of your men runing across a feld as sniper fire hits one in the head the rest stop anger panic fill you "keep moveing come on keep fucking moveing you cant fucking help him come on!!!" thay run faster probaly than thay ever have in there lives to get in to the compond

24 men kia badly hurt or medicvaced for a oil feld in the midel of a stinking desert thats 4 letters home 15 men who cant fight for a few days and 5 men sent home with a leg or arm or both missing

oh god why are we here

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