Meanwhile, in Canada...

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Meanwhile, in Canada...

Postby Peter Levy » Tue Mar 13, 2012 4:09 pm

**He sat in the refectory, staring into his bowl. So much work had gone into creating this meal. It was the perfect balance of protein, carbs, fats, oils, minerals, vitamins, anti-radiation medicine, and those delicious little Nanites. Unfortunately, it was grey. And had the texture of wallpaper paste. And tasted quite suspiciously of blood. He prodded the little pile of slime with his spoon.**

Fuck this.

**He got up, and strode out of the hall, under the portrait of Conrad Farland, and back to his cell. He opened up a small wooden box, and smiled to himself. He pulled a small green globe from the box, and held it up to the light. Almost in slow-motion, he placed it on his tongue, and sighed.**

I love grapes.

**A knock at the door. He hurriedly closes the box, throwing it onto the bed. Another of the Order entered, and passed a small strip of acetate to Sebastian. Sebastian nodded, and the other man left. Reading the text, he became visibly more awake. Reports of Nykalzite being used as a power source? Probably false, but worth asking around...**

I wonder who our man in the Spinners is...

**He picks up his pistol, dons his coat and hat, and heads out into the world.**

-Borther Sebastian, CPI-

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