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Spinner HQ

Postby Will » Tue Mar 20, 2012 9:21 pm

**Yawning deeply, Eric gulped down another mouthful of coffee, shaking his head in an attempt to keep his eyes open. Turning back to the hard drive that lay in pieces before him he moved the goggles back in front of his face and typed in a new string of commands. Delicate mechanical hands moved gracefully across the surface of the data disk and series of figures flashed across the screen.**

"Sir, I've extracted the data" Eric spoke into his radio. "Can you patch me through to the DEEP so I can upload?"

**A crackle on the radio seemed to signal approval and a second screen sprang to life, showing the timer establishing a connection with with science organisations centre of operations. Examining the original screen more carefully, Eric's brow drew into a frown. That couldn't be correct?**

"Is that Spinner data department?" A bearded face sprang into view on the second monitor.

"Yes, preparing to transfer data now"

**Eric typed in a series of numbers and began the sending of information.**

"If you don't mind me saying Sir, I think some of this data might be corrupted. It seems to imply that the DEEP has been conducting experiments on..."

**The figure on the screen vanished. Eric stopped mid sentence and leaned forward to stare closer at the screen. As he did so he felt a pressure on the back of his neck. Turning he was just able to make out the man from the screen standing behind him, as his vision blacked out. The bearded man extracted a strange looking radio from one of his pockets as he placed the injection gun back in another.**

"This is Gregor Vistalen on secure line 458Z. Have transported to neutralise possible data leak in Spinner headquarters, require immediate evac. Leak has had memory wiped."

**Leaning across the slumped form of Eric, Gregor passed a third device over the dismantled hard drive, causing it to spark slightly. Standing straight, he smiled at a job well done as his body faded amongst a series of energised sparks.

A few minutes later, Eric came to and yawned. Reaching for his coffee he took a gulp and shook his head. Frowning at the hard drive he ran the appropriate tests and found it to be empty. Shrugging, he filed it away and returned to his next project.**
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