1st paras chapter 2 "in the shit"

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1st paras chapter 2 "in the shit"

Postby Galdor Mithr » Sat Jun 15, 2013 4:58 pm

stiking to the path the men of 1st para creep along wepons rasd travling light with only there side arms and rifels no one had any hevey wepons thay had ithere ran out of ammo or the crew's had been wondid or air liftid back the co that had all got got them killd was silent ly sobing when he left he just couldent take it the preshure was on to find a way out of what was from what thay had herd was now insergents TA thay knew that the 152 inf dev was in front of them 250 k away a big tab even for 1st in the end the desishion was made not to go out by air cos now the insergents had bort up aa missels and helcopters were the only way out by air so as the comander of all forsis had said 1st was on there own thay had manigd to get the non walking wondid out befor the news had come throw even then the insergents had fird old 20th and 21st cencarey led at them all this drawing on the mind of the sargent of the pltoon know as "wolf" to his men who did not know his rele name and that was the way he keept it even when thay whent down the pub thay calld him wolf

"sarg got heat pos on some dicks in that compownd" a privet wisperd in wolfs ear

"how meney" he shot a glans at the dert walld compownd that the privet had spotid trow his night and heat sites

the privet lookt agen "2 one has a long bateld wepon and i think i can smel bernt enagey paks may be a engey rifel the other looks like hes got a range finder"

wolf smelt the air he to cold smel the berning and here the slite humm of the rifel he rold his eyes "now we know what happund to the 152 sniper teem"

"could it be them boss"

"what the teem no no it cant be thows bodys we fownd must of been theres" he remeberd the sneeking trow the camp erlyer on the bodys had been hact to bits ad the blood had been yosd on taterd wight sheets to brown them for a gorey crud bbut efetiv camo neting

he shiftid his bergen on his back to a more comfortubull spot on his back in totel the lads and him were caring 250 kg ech in wepons food and the genrel kit some of wich had been left behind in bits so the basterd's couldent yous them

*wis crack* the sownd of a engey bolt wising past his head

"oh shit.... move you f@?!ers move!!!!!" the valey lit up with tochis and tracer... a 360 ambush... if thay were capchurd... torcher and deth

the pltoon rusht to a billding wolf could here vosis in side laughing "there jumpt up on adrenalin"

this was not uncomun the leders knowing there troops were farmers and boys made them shoot up agreiv adrenalin befor attacks making them hard to kill by normal standers a man on that shit could take a bullit to the chest and not go down you had to put a bullit in his eye befor he stopt laughing his head off in shourt thay thort thay were emortel gods and thats probaly why thay stood out of cover to shoot at you

"3 2...1 go go go" one man kikt down the door the seciond man tost in a flash bang and a granade a bit over kill but with thes guys on that shit... wolf steept in to the door way and fird his wepon in to the mass of bodys and shat him self when one moved to stab him with a knife but he was cut down by a hale of gun fire from pritey much all the mebers of the pltoon

"get in!!!" thay piled in to the billding thay had got out of the fire but still in the run for the house 3 out of 37 had been killd and 4 wondid but still walking thay were out of site but still in the shit....

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